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( Nationality - lithuania, Abay city, Karaganda region)

Deputy Director for Additional Education at Lyceum School No. 14

I was born on the 2-nd of February, in 1985, in the city of Karaganda.

Graduated a Karaganda State University named after Buketov, by qualification - teacher of history.

Works as a history teacher and deputy director for additional education at the school № 14 in Abay city.

He conducts active public work in school. Since May 2016, on her initiative, the school television project "School TV" has been launched.

Member of the regional Lithuanian ethno-cultural association.

A descendant of the deported Lithuanians.

For active work she was awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Department of Social Services of the Republic of Lithuania.


Dear Nursultan Abishevich!

I'm a Lithuanian, my ancestors were repressed, and served time in KARLAG according to the notorious articles 53 and 58 (the enemy of the people).

The marriage of my grandparents was registered by Shaken-aga, a local Kazakh, who, despite the cruel prohibitions, helped them.

And thanks to this there is our family.

Therefore, your words about the tragic lessons of the twentieth century, thanks to the Kazakh people, flow through my family in a red thread.

And the theme of preserving our culture, our own national code, as well as the theme of unrealizable, populist ideologies leading to disaster, the collapse of communism and fascism is the living history of my family.

We must clearly understand the lessons of history.

Therefore, I became a teacher by the vocation of the soul, continuing family traditions.

I work as a history teacher in Abay city.

And the FAMILY is the center of preservation of historical experience, traditions of all peoples.

In one of the famous cartoons, a song sounds: "After all, it does not happen that the children are lost."

Unfortunately, life is not always like that.

I have 90 children - these are my students!

Among them there are orphans!

And I know how important it is that they all grow up in the family!

Dear participants of the session!

Let's put on his feet the FAMILY, as President says - "that she firmly stood on the ground."

Let's go back to our traditions and spirituality.

After all, by tradition, the Kazakhs have never left a widow in distress, nor were orphans.

Let's modernize our souls to be parents, to be a mother, to be a father.

Then there will not be abandoned babies, there will be no children's homes and boarding schools! Then we will not find the baby in the garbage, in the entrance, on the edge of the road.

Then the mother will not sell her own child.

 Dear mothers!

 All conditions are created for us. Take care of your children; take care of your families!

Dear journalists!

Let's talk about a full family, a caring mother, a conscientious and responsible father.

Let us do well for the sake of the future of the country - these are our children.

And, let's not forget about those who defended our world and our Kazakhstan.

A day is approaching, which we will always remember is Victory Day.

We have 6 veterans left in the city, and 1,992 participants in this Great War in Kazakhstan.

In 2015, you, Nursultan Abishevich, the first of the heads of the CIS, initiated a wide-ranging action to support veterans, whom they are gratefully recalling to this day.

My children annually hold Saturday to clean up the graves of veterans, constantly take care of the living.

I propose that all the people support the annual action "Caring" of the youth wing of the Assembly and have time to pay tribute to the heroes who gave us peace.