Model of public consent and national unity is the only right way to the development of the state, Nursulu Shaimerdenova

Nursulu Shaimerdenova – Professor of the Department of Philology of Kazakhstan branch of M.V. Lomonossov Moscow State University, member of the Scientific and Expert Council of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, member of Kazakhstan Association of teachers of Russian language and literature (KazATRL).

N. Shaimerdenova was awarded with government awards, diplomas, state scientific scholarships, grants, letters of thanks for the great contribution to the teaching of languages, dissemination and popularization of language policy, education of young people.

Finno-Ugric ethno-cultural centre

Olga Nikolashina is the Chairman of “Finno-Ugric ethno-cultural centre of Pavlodar region”. At the 24th session of APK of the region she was elected as Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan of Pavlodar region from ethno-cultural associations and Deputy Chairman of Mothers’s Council at APK of the region.


—Could you tell us the history of “Finno-Ugric ethno-cultural centre”?

Shavkat Ismailov: “We are working on creation of Association of Kyrgyz people of Kazakhstan”

Shavkat Ismailov is the Chairman of the ethno-cultural association “Kyrgyzstan-Astana” and a member of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. Sh. Ismailov is an active participant in the promotion of traditions, culture and language of Kyrgyz people. 

—Could you tell us about “Kyrgyzstan-Astana”, the history of its creation?

Kazakh students in Poland

By the Decree of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 20 January 1998, Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan was established with the aim of educating love and respect to the native language and Motherland, enhancing the knowledge about languages, traditions of different ethnoses.

Amina and Nurkeldy are graduates of E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University with major in English Philology. They decided to continue their knowledge and now they study in Poland by Government Scholarship to get their master’s degree.

Kazakhstan for me is “a golden cradle", Lyudmila Grivennaya

Lyudmila Grivennaya is Head of the Department of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan of M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University (NKSU). She managed to establish an effective system of work of the new structure, which has no analogues in the country. Consistency, immensity, strategic forecasting, skillful planning, ability to work with the team and to establish broad external relations are the distinctive features of Lyudmila Alexandrovna's activity. The experience of the Department “Assembly of people of Kazakhstan” of M. Kozybayev NKSU.

Revival of our culture is the merit of the Assembly, Yury Kustadinchev

Yury Kustadinchev is a member of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan and Head of Bulgarian etnocultural center of the deported Bulgarians “Vozrozhdenie”. In our interview, Yury Yuryevich told us about the Bulgarian community living in Atyrau. 

—Could you tell us about the history of establishment of your ethnocultural centre?

Motherhood is a great mission of a woman, Zhanar Kenzhegaliyeva

Zhanar Kenzhegaliyeva is the Chairman of the Mothers’ Council of Karaganda region. She has devoted major part of her life to education and law enforcement and shared her plans in the work to be undertaken in the Mothers’ Council. 

– Tell us about yourself, your activity.

–I started working at 19 as a nursery school teacher in our city, I worked for about 7 years in this field.  Then I continued my activity in law enforcement agencies, where I worked until merited retirement.