Chairmen of ethno cultural associations met with mayor of the region

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On the 19-th of April mayor of Mangistau region Eraly Tugzhanov met with chairmen of ethno cultural associations of the region, members of the veterans' council and representatives of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan. The main goal of the meeting is to discuss issues of interethnic relations, ensuring the fulfillment of President Nursultan Nazarbayev's instructions and conducting explanatory work among the population.

During the meeting heads of ethno-cultural associations reported in turn on the work carried out in the region. Chairperson of the Korean ethno cultural association "Choson" Raisa Madenova-Khvan noted the importance of working with young people. And the chairman of the German ethno cultural association "Wiedergeburt" touched upon the topic of charity events.

In addition, members of ethno-cultural associations shared their views on the development of tourism and agriculture in the region and asked for support in organizing the anniversary event for the 85-th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko.

- All the years of the country's independence, members of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan have faithfully worked to preserve peace and harmony in the society. But, this is not the limit. There are even more ambitious tasks ahead: we have to carry out the spiritual modernization of the consciousness of citizens, without changing the national uniqueness, we will build a competitive, patriotic and rich society spiritually. This is the priority set by the Head of State, and in its implementation, not the last place is given to members of ethno-cultural associations. Today I want to hear your opinion, your suggestions as representatives of civil society on the transformation of the labor market,” emphasized Yerly Tugzhanov, mayor of Mangistau region.

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