Dedicated to the International Day of Older Persons

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October 10, the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in Astana organized the celebration of the International Day of Older Persons with the honoring of veterans and pensioners. Warm words of gratitude and congratulations were received by honorary members of the APK and representatives of ethnocultural associations of the city.

Support for pensioners in our country, and they make up more than a quarter of the population of Kazakhstan - the subject of special concern of the state. Providing worthy old age is an actual direction of the state policy of our country.

Syzdykov A.H. - public figure, member of the city branch of the OO "Organization of veterans of the Republic of Kazakhstan", member of the Council of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of Astana city and the Council of Public Accord in his speech noted that the main goal of the International Day of Older Persons is to instil a sense of responsibility and respect for the elderly in the world community. This kind of tradition is deeply inherent in the people of Kazakhstan. After all, the elderly people are the gold fund of the country, the keepers of traditions, who set an example of patriotism, dedication to the cause and great patience to the young generation of Kazakhstanis.

In the ranks of the City Assembly there are already many veterans of this sphere. It is well-known journalist, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, stepped 90-year milestone, the chairman of the Jewish cultural center "Aleph" Goldberg Moisey Mihaylovich. A well-known industrialist, leader, former deputy of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR, chairman of the Chechen-Ingush cultural center "Vainakh" Geroev S.S. Indigenous tselnogradtsy well know a specialist in urban transport, the chairman of the cultural center "Belarus" Romanova A.F. Such representatives - modest, but with a rich biography and a wide soul - in the city Assembly already a lot. This speaks more about the age of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan itself, an institution that justified the hopes of its creator, Elbasy, Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev.

This event was organized for the first time, but certainly will serve as a good lesson for young people joining the Assembly.

The invited, expressing gratitude for the attention, noted that this holiday gives them an excellent opportunity to communicate with each other, to feel the care and attention of the public.

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Thursday, 12 October, 2017

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