The exhibition “Anna Frank. History Lessons”

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In the House of Friendship for the first time in Kazakhstan was opened the exhibition "Anna Frank. History Lessons". It is prepared by the world famous museum "The House of Anne Frank" in Amsterdam. To organize the exhibition in Kazakhstan, the museum chose as its partners the Public Foundation "Free wings". It should be noted that the guides at the exhibition were the pupils of seven schools from Taraz. After two days of training, the young guides could confidently present to the public the story of the Jewish girl Anne Frank, whose family had sheltered from the Germans for 25 months during the Second World War.

The exhibition is primarily an educational project aimed at teenagers and young people. The exhibition begins from the story of the birth of Anna in Frankfurt during the time when the German regime was born and developed in Germany. The story covers her youth in Amsterdam in the 1930s, the occupation of the Netherlands, the persecution of Jews, the life of the Frank family and their friends in the Vault and ends with the death of Anna in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in March 1945.

The Netherlands in order to acquaint the international public with the story of Anne Frank and the world in which she lived, including anti-Semitism, discrimination, persecution, but also about positive aspects, resistance and people's reaction to such things, about values ​​such as Freedom, equality and democracy. The exhibition helps to ensure that these values ​​determine their actions. And so important the story of Anne Frank today for contemporaries.

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