"Family Mediation"

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July 13, 2017 in the building of the regional branch of the party "Nur Otan", Atyrau, a seminar on the topic "Family Mediation" was held in the framework of the expanded meeting of the Council of Mothers of the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan in the Atyrau Oblast under the chairmanship of the head of KSU "Kokamdyk kelіsim" of the apparatus of the Akim of Atyrau oblast T.U. .Aman-Turlina with the participation of the head of the sector of international cooperation and mediation of RSU "Kokamdy kelimi" under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a professional mediator, coach Usipbekova Zh.Zh.

The enlarged meeting was attended by chairmen and members of ethno-cultural associations, representatives of state institutions, members of the Councils of mothers of all levels (cities, districts, rural and settlement districts and ethno-cultural associations); The members of the regional Council of public consent of the region, city, and districts, the Youth wing, the commission for women's affairs and family and demographic policy under the akim of the region, the experts of the Kokhmady Kelisim institution in the districts, the heads of the employment, education, healthcare, professional and unprofessional mediators, Judges of the city and districts.

A total of more than 100 people have been captured.

Representatives of the mass media (regional newspapers "Prikaspiyskaya Kommuna" and "Atyrau") and representatives of the regional television were invited to cover the work of the meeting.

The main goal of the seminar is familiarization with the topic "Family Mediation" and explaining the possibility to address to the mediation and negotiation center on such issues as the solution and prevention of conflicts arising in the family; The provision of comprehensive assistance to families; Providing psychological and legal assistance; Training of young couples intending to marry, meditative methods; Trainings for future daughters-in-law and mother-in-law, and the resolution of family disputes through mediation.

In the course of the work the chairman of the Council of mothers of the Makhambet district, Zh.Sh. Mugauova, the chairman of the Slavic ethnocultural association "Svetoch" R.Bitkova, the member of the commission for women and family and demographic policy under the akim of the region MGGabdusalimov, the member of the regional collegium Lawyers, a member of the Council of Mothers under the ANC region AK. Umarov and others.

Members of the Councils of Mothers, the Youth Wing, ethno-cultural associations and heads of the Mediation Centers of the region took an active part in the discussion of a number of issues. The participants of the seminar discussed the current issues on mediation - it is a question of reducing the growth of the divorce rate not only in our region, but also in the country, how and where to get training for a mediator, about the cost of mediators for the poorly protected sections of the population, about the parents' responsibility for The upbringing of children, the issue of educating young people, how to resolve disputes in certain situations, etc. Certain life situations were also discussed, to which specific answers were received.

Also, when discussing the above topic, a number of proposals were worked out to activate the work of professional and non-professional mediators and public organizations in this direction. Namely, the need for the development of mediation not only in the regional centers, but also in the countryside, on the introduction of changes and additions to some legislative acts on mediation issues, etc.

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