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The exhibition of national costumes and dolls in national costumes from private collections of Kokshetau residents representing different ethnic groups was held in the lobby of "Miras" Palace of Culture before the concert. Here everyone could see not only the dolls in dresses sewn by hand, but also dolls imported from Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Tatarstan, Korea and even Greece.

- The following year, we plan on the Day of Kazakhstan People's Unity to present this exhibition in a larger format, - said the Head of "Kogamdk kelisim" SPI of Kostanay Region Akimat Kalamkas Sandybayeva. - The current anniversary year for the whole country has turned out to be very busy. Every Ethno-Cultural Association of Regional Assembly has tried as much as possible to participate in various events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan. It is symbolic that this year our "Vozrojdenie" Regional German Community celebrated the new home, having driven into the German Cultural Center where there is a unique museum of rare exhibits - things once owned by the families of German settlers.

At the end of November the XX-th regional festival of Ukrainian folk art and the fifth festival of the Caucasian culture were held. It is gratifying that our Regional Assembly shared joyful event with a large Tulegenov’s family on the eve of the First President Day: a two-storey house, which construction was in charge of the Chairman of Korean Community Kim Igor Romanovich, was put to the family under the key. I hope, next year, which will be held under the auspices of EXPO 2017 will be for us no less joyful and memorable event for good!

By the way, the very concert program was permeated with patriotic mood sounding in words of masters, dances, songs about the homeland that linked by a single fate of representatives of more than 100 ethnic groups. For the first time the ensemble of Orenburg Cossack Community of Kostanay Region called "Cossack will" appeared before the footlights, which was established in February this year. By the way, right from here residents of Kostanay went to the concert in Astana organized by the Coordination Council of Russian, Slavic and Cossack Communities of Kazakhstan. Artists had a chance to perform in one of the most beautiful orthodox churches of the capital - in the Assumption Cathedral.

- Friendship, harmony and unity are the key to a happy future of our big house, whose name is Kazakhstan. And we should act together to maintain peace in the ancient and beautiful Kazakh earth, which formed such a wonderful synthesis of cultures and traditions, - stressed the Chairman of the Regional Ukrainian Community Anatoly Tarasenkov. - In the old days, wishing wells, welfare, health, happiness and peace, elders said: "Let your shanyrak be high!" No wonder this fundamental element of the yurt became a symbol of the unity of our people, symbol of their aspirations for peace, creation, and high thoughts towards "Mangilik El"!

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