Festival of Tajik Culture

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Last weekend, a festival of Tajik culture was held in the House of Friendship of Petropavlovsk.

Tajikistan is a country with ancient culture and traditions. The culture of the Tajiks is unique in its own way and requires the multiplication and preservation of national values. Tajiks made a significant contribution to the spiritual treasure of civilization, gave the world outstanding and remarkable scientists, philosophers, writers, poets, whose works became an integral part of the scientific and cultural baggage accumulated by the world civilization.

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in the program article "Bolashak Baidar: Rukhani zhanyrou" emphasizes the special role of peace and harmony in our country as a fundamental foundation for further comprehensive development of the state.
In a country where peace and triumph prevails, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the formation of the Tajik Somoniyon North Cultural Center.

The purpose of the organization is to preserve and revive the culture, language, and history of the Tajik ethnos. The center conducts large charitable work, provides assistance to needy families, veterans, pensioners and disabled people.

The Tajik Center was congratulated by Nail Salimov, head of the secretariat of the North Kazakhstan regional assembly of the people of Kazakhstan. The festival was opened by the chairman of the Tajik association Anvarshosh Amiroshoyev. Dances, national rites and songs were presented by the members of the center to the guests. Other associations of the regional assembly came to congratulate their friends.

Musical art plays a huge role in the culture of the Tajik ethnos. The uniqueness and extraordinary nature of songs and dances, artistic compositions, rituals and customs amaze everyone. The talent and skill of the instrumental art was shown to us by the representatives of the Tajik center, as well as by the Armenian, Ukrainian, Tatar centers of the regional assembly.

More than 130 ethnic groups live in Kazakhstan in peace, harmony and mutual understanding. Books are published in Kazakh, Russian, Tatar, Tajik, Ukrainian and other languages, television programs are shot. This indicates the interpenetration of cultures. All of us, people of all nationalities, today are united by our common home - our Kazakhstan!

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Tuesday, 12 September, 2017

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