"In the footsteps of Keiki Batyr"

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In the Kostanay region, an expedition devoted to the study of the life and activity of Keiki Batyr, an associate of Amangeldy Imanov, one of the most active and legendary figures in the history of the national liberation movement of the country in 1916 on the territory of the Torgai region, started.

A group of scientists and students of KSU named after A. Baytursynov went to the cradle of a memorable uprising - Amangeldinsky and Zhangeldinsky districts, where Keiki-batyr was born, lived and fought, whose real name is Nurmagambet Kokembayuly.

One of the members of the expedition is Professor Baitursynov KSU, member of the scientific and expert group of the regional Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, chairman of the Kazakh center "Kazakh Tyli" at the regional House of Friendship - Kalkaman Khakenovich Zhakyp.

- Keyi-batyr made a great contribution to the struggle for the independence of the country. The main goal of the expedition is to restore dark spots in history to pay tribute to Keiki batyr and his ancestors, because the steppe keeps many secrets and answers to them. We already have archival documents, which during the expedition will have to be checked with the stories of local residents, aksakals. Following the results of the expedition, maps, brochures and a special film will be created. This project is aimed at raising patriotism. To young people, our younger generation, we need to bring information about such great personalities, about our fellow countrymen, as Keiki-batyr, which is symbolic of the patriotic program "Tugan zher", proposed by the President of the country Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev

In September, in the homeland of the legendary batyr, large-scale celebrations will take place on the occasion of the burial of his remains. In April 1923, Keiki was killed by the Red Army men and beheaded. The skull until recently was kept in the Kunstkammer in St. Petersburg, but in 2016, a special flight was delivered to Kazakhstan. These remains will be buried in the autumn in the Amangeldinsky district. The event is given a great cultural and historical significance, many guests, including scientists, will come to it, a scientific and practical conference will be held.

Press service of KSU "Kokamdyk kelisim" of Akimat of Kostanay region

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