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On September 10, at the House of Friendship, the Germans of Zhambyl Oblast celebrated a day of remembrance and sorrow-the 75th anniversary of the forcible relocation of Germans from the Volga region. "Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten". This was the name of the theatrical production prepared by the Germans of the Zhambyl region and the German youth club "Juwel", dedicated to the terrible events that the entire German population faced. This organizers showed that today the modern youth does not forget about the history of their ancestors.

The war years were difficult for everyone. The Germans, who were born and lived in the Soviet Union, also suffered very badly. August 28, 1941, as a black spot, reflected on the lives and lives of Germans living on the territory of the USSR, he erased all the dreams of young Germans, so wanting to get into the ranks of the Red Army and fight against fascism. Then, in August 1941, they were recognized as enemies of the people and the order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was that confirmation. Deported to the territory of today's Kazakhstan, 950,000 humiliated and disadvantaged Germans acquired a second homeland here. In the great steppe, two incompatible concepts, "Dom" and "Wanderer", were connected. Representatives of the German ethnos here took place, took root, did not feel like second-class people. They contributed to the development and prosperity of the country.

Young artists showed all the semantic details of history and human destinies, where every event was a clot of passions and tragedies of the deported people. The play is based on the stories of eyewitnesses, the basis is the contact of the temporal events of the present and the past.

A special guest of the event, Raisa Ryskulbekova, Executive Director of the Citizens' Alliance of Kazakhstan in the Zhambyl region, noted in her speech how much she was touched by the skill of the guys and the idea of ​​their leader: "We are a unique people that form the nation of a single future. We are united, firstly, by a common love for our common home - Kazakhstan. Secondly, public accord in relation to the history of our ancient land and the development of languages. Thirdly, a deep faith in the present and great future of our state and its citizens. This is the foundation of our Eternal Homeland - Mangilik El. "

The older generation shared memories of the tragic history of their parents. At the end of the event, everyone present honored the memory of their ancestors with a minute of silence.

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Tuesday, 12 September, 2017

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