The transition of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin alphabet was discussed in Pavlodar

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Public hearings "On the introduction of a single standard of the alphabet of the state language on the Latin chart" with the participation of scientists, party members, and public figures were held in the Pavlodar Friendship House.

As Deputy Mayor of the region Meiram Begentayev noted, Latin in the modern world is associated with new technologies and a computer.

 - All domain names, postal mail addresses are written in the Latin alphabet, - Meiram Begentayev noted. - Such a transition is important. He will help to keep up with the times and successfully integrate into the world space, while preserving his face.

According to the deputy akim of the region, it is easier to study the Kazakh language for a foreigner in the Latin alphabet. In addition, the transition to a new alphabet will allow our society to be more open and competitive, and the independence of the country will find that which binds and cementes the nation - the native language.

Meiram Begentyev voiced the tasks facing the society. Until the end of 2017, a single standard version of the Kazakh alphabet of new graphics should be adopted. Since 2018, it is necessary to begin training for the teaching of the new alphabet and textbooks for secondary schools, as well as to develop a clear timetable for the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet. Since 2025 it is planned to conduct office work, publish periodicals in Latin.

The fact that the introduction of the new alphabet will not affect the languages ​​of other peoples, said the secretary of the regional maslikhat Vladimir Berkovsky.

"The renewal of the official language alphabet is a sovereign right of the state, but other languages ​​are not infringed, they remain on their former alphabets," said Vladimir Berkovsky. - Back in the 1920s and 1930s, out of the 72 languages ​​of the USSR, 50 were translated into Latin script, a draft of the transition to the Latin alphabet and the Russian language was developed.

One of the advantages of the innovation is that by studying the state language in Latin, it will be easier to learn English, which the world community now speaks and writes.

Pavlodar youth believes that the new schedule will enter the successful history of modern Kazakhstan.

- The new alphabet will help integrate our country in the world space, - the graduate of the department of history of Kazakhstan of the PGU behalf of Toraigyrov Ramil Smailov.

Rosa Mustafina


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Wednesday, 13 September, 2017

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