War veterans are awarded with breastplates

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Today, Demin Alexei Mikhailovich, the General Consul of Russia in Almaty, visited the House of Friendship. He met with the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Boribai Kulmanov and with Abdiraman veteran son’s Abishev Bekbolat Abdiramanuly in the conference hall. At the solemn event, two veterans of the region were presented with breastplates "75 years of battle for Moscow." A veteran of the war, Kenesbai Kaliev, received a medal at home, in connection with the state of health.

The deputy mayor of the region Ruslan Rustemov, representatives of the regional assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, members of all ethno-cultural associations, the regional council of veterans, students of the humanitarian college named after M. Mametova and representatives of the media took part in the event.

The deputy mayor of the region made an introductory statement: "We bow our heads before the heroism of our ancestors who went to the battlefields of the war, suffered hardships and deprivations that shed their blood and returned to their homeland. In the war, many hundreds of Kyzylorda’s warriors fought for the sake of victory. Unfortunately, most of them did not return home. Today, by the decision of the Moscow Government, our esteemed “aksakals” are present here".

Alexei Demin, addressing veterans of the Great Patriotic War, said: "We are forever together, we are one, therefore invincible," and awarded them with breastplates "75 years of battle for Moscow." In general, this breastplate was awarded from July 2016.

A veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Boribai Kulmanov expressed gratitude for the respect shown to him, and read the blessing.

The solemn event marked the victory of Soviet troops in the Great Patriotic War, which gave peace to the world, a special heroism displayed by Soviet soldiers in protecting the city of Moscow from enemies who, in the war against the German fascists, were able to defend Moscow in inviolability from enemy hands. Also, at an event held to honor the heroes of the country, R.Rustemov the deputy mayor of the region, expressed gratitude to the General Consul of Russia in Almaty.

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