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Residents of Asian countries are not similar to each other, as well as the states themselves: they have their own traditions and original lifestyle. But to plunge into an unfamiliar culture of one of the countries to meet with all of its features was able to students and staff of Innovative University of Eurasia. There took place on the eve a large-scale event - the Day of Korean culture, which would be remembered by all for a long time.

Representatives of more than 130 nationalities live in Kazakhstan; each of them keeping their customs and traditions makes a worthy contribution to the development of our young sovereign state. On the difficult fate of the Koreans the Candidate of Historical Sciences Razdykov Saken Zeinullovich said in his report.

- Korean ethnic group, as an independent social cultural community, was formed in ancient times on the territory of modern Korean Peninsula. Far Eastern Koreans were the first of the peoples of the USSR, experienced the deportation, i.e., the forcible expulsion from their places of permanent residence. At that time the birth rate in Korean families exceeded the average coefficient for Kazakhstan, which was in 1937 - 1939 42.4 persons per 1,000 population. But the death rate exceeded almost 2 times the average for the country. During the dry figures there were real people, their broken fates, hard adaptation to the new conditions, which occupied for years precious human life. In our country, they have found a new home; have taken a worthy place among the peoples live here - said Saken Zeynullovich.

How many people say, Korean dances are one of the most beautiful in the world. The guests of Korean Culture Day have made sure in it. The festival was actively attended by representatives of Korean Ethno-Cultural Association of Pavlodar Region. "Anyon" Choreographic Ensemble performed several national dances, which had left the audience indifferent.

Sophisticated motion, colorful costumes and the rest of attributes in the truest sense of the word "fastened" the eyes of holiday guests. And teams of «Black unicors» and «Flower Power» even modern Korean dances really lit dance floor than, of course, surprised the guests. A vocal ensemble performed on stage with songs that not only in Korean but also in English, Russian and Kazakh languages.

The interest in Korean culture is constantly growing in the world, and Kazakhstan is no exception. People are looking for tons of information about Korean k-pop artists, actors, cuisine, traditional and modern clothes, cosmetics and other aspects of Korean culture. Moreover, young people are even studying the Korean language in order to understand their favorite songs and drama without subtitles.

At the end of the Korean Culture Day the holiday guests were offered to try traditional delicious delicacy - Korean Air brushwood kadyuri drizzled with syrup and sprinkled with sesame seeds and sugar balls.

- We express our deep gratitude for the organization and conduct of the Korean Culture Day to the heads of our university, especially Schneider Vladimir Alexandrovich and Razdykov Saken Zeynullovich, who took an active part in the event and told us about the history of the Koreans, - said the Deputy Chairman of Korean Ethno-Cultural Association Afanasiyeva Raisa Samsonovna.

In spite of the different cultures and traditions there is something common what unites Kazakh and Korean peoples. They are hospitality, friendliness and rich cultural heritage.

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