Work continues in the North-Kazakhstan region on the creation of public consent councils at enterprises

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The creation of Soviets of public consent is an urgent and timely decision made by wise and far-sighted leaders of large enterprises and factories in the city of Petropavlovsk.

Today, the Councils of Public Consent are open at three enterprises. The main goal of their activity is the prevention of labor and industrial conflicts, the modernization of the enterprise, the creation of favorable working conditions, the social protection of workers, as well as assistance in resolving urgent issues of regional development. Thus, all employees have the opportunity to directly contact the manager, ask questions of interest, and express their opinion. In addition, the SOS helps to resolve disputed social and domestic issues by discussing them at meetings and meetings.

August 9 advocacy meeting was organized at the large enterprise of the city of Petropavlovsk "TOO" Rainbow ", which is engaged in the production and logistics of products in three areas: food, household chemicals, products for cleaning. To date, the number of jobs there are in the range of 500. Therefore, the formation of such a structure, the Council of public consent is a prerequisite for the further development of the company, strengthening its competitive position in the market of goods and services.

His speech the head of the secretariat of the Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Nail Salimov began with an information excursion into the ANC work, its structural subdivisions, outlined the aims and objectives of this public institution. In addition, he spoke about the programmatic article "Bolashaққa baғdar: ruhani zhaңғyru", explained the main projects implemented under the program, calling of staff to participate in them.

"On the instructions of the Chairman of the Assembly of the Nation of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, we were tasked with creating Soviets of Public Consensus at large enterprises. This will help create a productive working environment, avoiding conflicts and disputes ", - said Head of the Secretariat of the North Kazakhstan regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Nail Salimov.

Nail Kamilievich also gave positive examples of SOS work both in state institutions and in enterprises. Indeed, such a structure is very important and useful at the present time under conditions of public modernization. So, for the first half of 2017, about 500 citizens' applications are allowed, including with application of mediative procedures.

The meeting was lively, in the mode of active dialogue. The employees of the enterprise asked questions, shared their opinions, talked about the social problems faced on the streets of the city, as well as in everyday life.

At the end of outreach meetings the head of personnel LLP "Rainbow" Maksim Borisovich Bolshedvorov thanked the Head of the Secretariat Naila Salimov, as well as employees of the KSU "Қoғamdyқ kelіsіm" for a detailed explanation and coverage of topical issues of the Kazakhstan People's Assembly, the Council of public consent and other departments of the ANC .

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Friday, 11 August, 2017

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