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For the safety of our planet

International Conference "Building peace without nuclear weapons", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the closure of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site was symbolically held at the Palace of Independence. The event gathered leaders of different countries, who unanimously approved the policies of Kazakhstan, since the period of emergency on the political map of new independent states. Not in words, but in fact Kazakhstan has proven its desire for the sake of life on Earth and Peace in the World, to develop a policy of peace, giving up nuclear weapons.

The conference was held on a high level, the discussions of forum participants were limited to the main theme – evaluating the current state of different countries and note the importance of Kazakhstan President's remarks about the tragic history of Kazakhstan's nuclear test site. Were identified main directions of development of countries and the possibility of development without nuclear weapons. The main problems inherent in the report of Nursultan Nazarbayev concerned war conflicts and the need to stop it without murder of not only military but primarily civilians. It was noted that Kazakhstan and Japan, experienced the full tragedy of the nuclear weapons, as no one else understand the horror of possible prospects. The world must not hesitate and take urgent measures to reduce nuclear weapons.

For many years in Kazakhstan existed the Semipalatinsk test site indicated in the documents as a deserted place, in fact, it was the site where the Kazakh people lived. In these places more than one generation of Kazakhstanis will suffer the terrible consequences of it.

The President of Kazakhstan in his report pointed out the importance of a global summit on nuclear security, and his claim was supported by all the speakers at the conference. Also, all the speakers pointed out that 25 years ago Kazakhstan presented to the world its position for the first time, closing the nuclear test site. All performances were aimed at discussion of the problems of war and peace, nuclear security, sustainable processes  and formation of the world geography. Michael Møller, Lacina Zerbo, Margarita Popova, Manuel Gonzalez and many other prominent political and public figures shared their vision and experience of their country, expressing the gratitude to Kazakhstan for such an important initiative of the current forum. In his speech, Hong Yong-pyo, the Minister for reunification of the Republic of Korea, presented examples how the pain responds to children's hearts a desire of many countries to have nuclear weapons. The Minister supported the initiative of countries to abandon this deadly weapon.

The information and paintings presented in the foyer of an exhibition became an important leitmotif of the beginning and end of an international conference, supporting renunciation of nuclear weapons in the memory and pain of people who turn to the entire world to save our planet, providing children with joy and love on this Earth.