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Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity

Address of the APK - spiritual modernization

Arthur Bartel, Chairman of the Union of German Youth of Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan is going to realize the goals of entering our country into the top thirty countries, the Head of State, caring for the future generation, fulfilling its promises, is leading our country along the path of modernization and improvement of our state. We all remember what resonance at the beginning of this year caused the decisions of our President. Together we discussed the issue of amending the Constitution of our country, and then the entire nation was discussing the annual Message.

Today we are talking about the program article of the Head of State "Orientation: the spiritual revival of the future", which, in my opinion, will also cause a lively public discussion and great interest.

Expressing my position on this issue, I can say that the registered initiative by our President is unique, as this step will enable us to provide the new young generation with the opportunity of competitiveness in the future.

Speaking about the youth of Kazakhstan, I would like to note that for the state, the comprehensively developed youth is a priority, which will later become at the helm and continue the baton, with the possibility of succession of generations, strengthening the positions of the state in the international arena.

Supporting the initiative of the President, I want to say on behalf of the German youth of Kazakhstan that we support the transition of the state language to the Latin alphabet. This transition from my point of view will increase the interest of studying the state language from foreign audiences, since it will be easier for them to understand the Kazakh language. I agree that it will not be difficult to pass the new generation from the usual Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet, since a really new generation is already fluent in English, German, French and other languages. I want only to note that the youth of Kazakhstan should help and help the younger in solving the global task!

A. Bashmakov, member of the Bureau of the Political Council of the Party "Nur Otan", member of the Council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Deputy Chairman of the Association of Russian, Slavic and Cossack Organizations of Kazakhstan, Head of the department of the ENU named after L.N.Gumilev, Doctor of Economics

Presidential treatment with software reflection on the future of Kazakh society through culture and spirituality is our strategic task. In my opinion, it should be regarded as a humanistic idea of ​​equal and mutually beneficial development of the culture and spirit of all ethnic groups and the mechanism of fraternal accord. The Head of State pays special attention to the role of the school and universities, in general education. After all, a university and a school is a state structure, where our young schoolchildren pass for the first time the lessons of socialization. And it is very important that these lessons are valuable. After all, they say that you will pour a pitcher into the jug, and then it will pour out of it. Albert Einstein said: "It is easier to split an atom than to alter a person's consciousness or outlook."

Marriage in work with young people is not permissible!

That's why I believe that the school and university are also a target-forming structure. This is the spiritual basis of our Kazakhstani identity. That is why the main principle should be returned to education, to all its structures: teaching, educating a moral person.

In our university, as a pilot project, the educational discipline "Values ​​of Eternal Country" has already been introduced. I think that we are on the right track. After all, in this presidential concept the cultural code of the Kazakh people and the most important fragment of Kazakhstan's identity are encrypted.

The ideas of "Eternal Country" are based not only on the centuries-old dream of the Kazakh people, but also on the results of the development of all ethnic groups of modern Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is the true motherland of my spirit. I have lived a long life to understand his beauty and uniqueness.

N. Nazarbayev stressed that the patriotic spirit and atmosphere of goodwill is very important to the society. And if there is a spirit of unity in the air and the desire to make the country more reliable, richer, then according to the law of communicating vessels, good deeds will grow in economy, business and the very joy of sensation. It is impossible today to exclude the fact that in our society there is a part of people with fuzzy identity, such a vacuum of civil identity weakens the formation of civil unity.

It is necessary to raise the role of culture in a special way. After all, culture is where everything begins. And this is what remains after all. And if we declare culture as a strategic spiritual resource of our development, then solve many problems in economics, technology and even interpersonal relations.

Culture, which President always says, is a confrontation of chaos, aggression, all ugliness in all areas of our life.

On television, in all the media, in schools, universities, families, we should educate in our youth such spiritual substance, called CONSCIENCE.

Conscience is not only the guardian angel of human honor. This is the helmsman of our whole life, this is our moral navigator.

In short, N.Nazarbayev once again stressed the role of human capital. His article is permeated with concern for the upbringing of a modern man, who loves his Motherland and Fatherland. After all, the role of the assembly of the people of Kazakhstan is inexorable, which, over the years of its development, has become a school and an academy of spirit and the education of feelings of tremulous love for one's native land. Here, in the ANC, they are taught to love their people and be to it, the Motherland, the devotee.

Rasul Akhmetov, chairman of the NGO “Harmony”, a member of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan

Roadmap for young people

One of the key points in the article of the Head of State "A look into the future: modernization of public consciousness" is to preserve and realize the depth of history and cultural self-identification.

New technologies will be developed, discoveries will be made, but spiritual values ​​and fundamental knowledge, the basis will remain unchanged, giving the people of Kazakhstan more and more strength for new achievements and victories.

The article of the President reflects the nature of the people of Kazakhstan, national priorities, demonstrates the "cultural code of the nation." The President outlined the directions of development of our basic spiritual values: science, culture, education. A new concept of consolidation and strengthening of the national identity is presented, which serves as a reference point for every citizen of the country.

The implementation of the program guidelines identified in the article of the Head of State will further strengthen the sense of patriotism and civil identity among the youth and will contribute to strengthening the social consensus and unity of the people of Kazakhstan. Patriotism takes its roots from a common history and culture, language, family. Active creative patriotism should be supported by the achievements of the country, the real deeds of the heroes of our time. The article reflects the most important, the most valuable and close for those who work for the benefit of our Motherland - the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As the head of the Youth Association of the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, I believe that the article by the Nation Leader N.A.Nazarbayev "A Look into the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness" is a roadmap for the youth of our country to further strengthen the country's Independence!

All provisions of the article are directly related to the development of the national economy and the welfare of the people of Kazakhstan. A program of this scale will become a kind of social cement that unites the nation, strengthens the civil identity. After all, the Motherland is not only land, territory, but also a single social and cultural community from the bearers of common worldview values, language, traditions, and customs.

Therefore, it is important that the meaning and provisions of the article of the President reach all levels of society. The discussion should be actively conducted at the level of the entire civil society. In this direction, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan will play a very important role, as a driver of civil society and an effective conductor of the ideas and creative policy of the Head of State.

I am sure that the vocation of young people is to understand and comprehend the tasks of the President in his program article. Each young man needs to be in the trend of the main events, new trends and technological process for the successful entry of our country into the 30-ty most developed countries of the world.

Ni Lyubov Augustovna, Member of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, director of the State Republican Academic Korean Theater of Musical Comedy

The staff of the State Republican Academic Korean Theater of Musical Comedy has read with great interest the article of the Head of State "A Look into the Future: Modernizing the Public Consciousness"

We would like to note that all appeals of Nazarbayev Nursultan Abishevich to the people of Kazakhstan, regardless of the form of their submission, are extremely informative and impressive, they amaze with their scope and degree of foresight of our Leader. The article "Looking into the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness" was no exception. It focuses attention on the most important aspects of our life, such as education, self-development, and national identity, cultural and spiritual level of the nation.

We were especially interested in the first direction of modernization of consciousness, indicated by the President, namely, increasing the competitiveness of the nation. We can say that the staff of our theater has been implementing this trend for several years already. Artists go to Seoul every year where they improve not only choreographic and vocal skills, but also pass the language practice, which allows the theater to maintain the "right" language and fight for its purity. Within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation concluded in 2013 with the Center for the Preservation of the Spiritual Heritage of the Republic of Korea, the company regularly participates in various training seminars and master classes. On our stage you can see the plays of Kazakh, Korean, Russian and European playwrights who play in three languages; Kazakh, Korean and Russian. In this way we certainly meet the challenges of the time, which the President announced.

No less interesting for us is the third point of modernization - the preservation of national identity. The issue of preserving and combining a national identity and preserving the language, culture, traditions and literature of ethnoses has always been and remains one of the most effectively solved. And we, like no one else, understand how deeply the Head of State invested in these words.

We also share the President's desire to build knowledge and education into a kind of cult. For us, as for a progressively creative team, the gaining of new knowledge is a necessary condition for existence and successful development. We fully support this initiative and will strive to implement it.

As for the romanization of the Kazakh language, we find this program very bold and interesting. Perhaps it is the transition to the Latin letter that will facilitate the younger generation the mastery of the state language thanks to the analogy with English, which is also written in Latin. It is possible that the Latin script will also help us to synthesize more deeply into the world community. And it will simplify the process of knowledge of the Kazakh language for foreign citizens.

In conclusion, I want to say that the collective of our theater undertakes to contribute to the realization of all directions announced by the Head of State and sincerely hopes that the article "Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness" will find a lively response in the hearts of all our compatriots.

Nikolay RADOSTOVETS, member of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, executive director of the Republican Association of mining and mining-metallurgical enterprises

The principle of competitiveness is the pivot of building a Kazakhstan’s society

The article "Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness" is a clear indication that the President is always a few steps ahead of everyone else in his vision of the future development of Kazakhstan.

I consider it essential that the main message of the Head of State's article, which is the need for every people of Kazakhstan in a tough competitive struggle, is constantly progressing, moving forward, not counting on the manna of heaven. Looking back, in its history, - to abandon the remnants of the past - nepotism, laziness, others - and use the best traditions of the people. Being modern is not easy today, but to do everything possible to be modern tomorrow. The principle of competitiveness is the most important principle that the Leader of the nation laid in the basis of the future construction of the Kazakhstan’s society.

Therefore it is very important to know the language of international communication, to study in advanced universities, to develop quality education in Kazakhstan, to pay close attention to the education of the younger generation.

I am confident that as a result of the comprehension of the publication of the President, the country's budgetary investments in the human factor, the system of training and retraining of youth, and the system of independent evaluation of people, their promotion will be reviewed.

In his program article, the Leader of the nation offers us a new look at the Kazakh. Today it is a person who is modern, not burdened to some extent by traditions that would restrain his human development and his adaptation in the global world. Most people own the Internet, have a clear position on many issues, are the bearers of the culture of their own people and respect the culture of the peoples of other countries.

Of course, the main factor that will ensure our future prosperity is the solid traditions of the unity of the people. Tolerance is the basis of Kazakhstan society, and it is very important that spiritual tolerance becomes the principle of Kazakhstan's functioning in the future. Peacefulness, cohesion, interaction, aspiration, professing their faith, not dictating their principles of worship to others, is what needs to be preserved and carried on to generations of the people of Kazakhstan. This is inherent in the traditions of the Kazakh people and is being realized now in our country under the leadership of the Head of State.

In my opinion, President warns us that in the future we can face big problems if we do not take promptly a number of measures to update the intellectual, spiritual state of society by setting them on the "rails" of tough competitive foundations. From the very childhood the Kazakh should understand that he will get to the environment where the best world achievements are actively used, he is given a high level in obtaining knowledge, understanding reality, so he himself can generate ideas that will enrich not only the Kazakhstan’s but the world technical, technological, and spiritual spheres.

It seems to me that the vector of development that the President has asked us makes us all understand that life requires change. And changes need to be laid in our minds, thinking today. This applies to every family. It is necessary to think that the child knew English; you need to think that he would follow national traditions and at the same time could progress in the conditions of the international competitive environment. This will be the key to the formation of us as a united Nation of strong and responsible people, as the Head of State sees us in the future.

Zinaida Chumakova, Member of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. Member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan and Russia

The fate of the country, the fate of the people.

Three stages of modernization took place in Kazakhstan during the years of its independence, but modernization of public consciousness is perhaps the most important, because it concerns not only the economic and political basis of the country, it affects the quivering strings of the human soul. And in this sense it is difficult to overestimate.

I have worked over 30 years in culture, and for me it is not difficult to trace how the language, traditions, and culture of the Kazakh people came to a complete extinction. If it were not for the acquisition of Independence, it is likely that we would lose our own national code.

The fact that today we have national museums, libraries, that we have revived national holidays, art and culture, “aytys” and “sal – sere”, that we are carrying out original national family and household ceremonies and holidays, sports games and many other things - this is our patriotism and national self-consciousness.

It is very close and understandable for me every line of this article Nursultan Abishevich. That the nation was competitive, every person should be competitive. It is the person "and not the presence of mineral resources, which becomes a factor in the success of the nation". Programs: Digital Kazakhstan, trilingual, Motherland, Projects "Spiritual shrines of Kazakhstan", "100 new persons of Kazakhstan" and not only national, but regional - all this, of course, is "The platform that connects the horizons of the past, the present And the future of the people".

Of course, here it is not possible not to take into account in what century we live, and therefore it is impossible to lag behind the impetuous run of time. So the society will have to change, and with it our Kazakhstan will also change.

And this is true. "We saw the collapse of the three main ideologies of the last century - communism, fascism and liberalism. The age of radical ideologies has passed. We need clear, understandable and forward-looking installations”. And Nursultan Abishevich clearly prescribes these installations in his article. And how important is the words of our President concerning the cult of knowledge! "Openness and receptivity to better achievements, and not deliberately pushing away the whole new "no one's "- is the key to success and one of the indicators of open consciousness". And the transition to the Latin alphabet, and the 100 best textbooks of the world, which need to be translated into Kazakh from different languages, so that our students can learn the best textbooks that have absorbed the legacy of centuries and peoples - all this is the modernization of public consciousness. Our view of the future.

I leaf through page by page of Nursultan Abishevich's article and meet more and more familiar thoughts in it. This was mentioned in the "Strategy 2030", and he drew attention to this in the Message "The Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness", but this one thought, I remember, sounded even during the first session of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan.

That's right, every word of our President is passed through his own heart, and he managed to think about everything long before the publication of the article, weigh everything and prepare everything for us. No accidents and impromptu, because in his hands the fate of the country, the fate of the people.

L. Stolyarova, Ph.D., Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Scientific and Expert Group of the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan of the East Kazakhstan region, Ust-Kamenogorsk

Objective need for advanced modernization of public consciousness

A profound philosophical analysis of modern social processes taking place in the world, including in Kazakhstan, was once again demonstrated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his article "Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness."

He gives an answer to the main question: how to make a step together in the way of becoming "a united nation of strong and responsible people" in Kazakhstan.

 None of the factors alone or even a combination of them can ensure the successful passage of the third modernization of Kazakhstan without leading a radical change in public consciousness, which objectively requires the creation of a new type of education, where the main goal and ideal will be the formation of a person with high professional competence combined with a deep essence of man himself, his humanitarian culture.

The humanization of education (which in recent years has been curtailed and often destroyed) is the creation of conditions for the development of a competitive personality that possesses not only and not so much highly specialized training as civil qualities, the ability to learn new forms of social communication capable of living in a rapidly changing world.

How actual and timely these words sound and gives hope for the successful development of our country as a respected and authoritative member of the world community.

Kustadinchev Yury Yurievich, member of the Council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, chairman of the NGO "Bulgarian Ethno-cultural Center for Deported Bulgarians "Revival".

For me, the main idea of ​​Nursultan Abishevich's article "Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness" was "The ability to live rationally, with an emphasis on achieving real goals, with emphasis on education, a healthy lifestyle and professional success - this is pragmatism in behavior."

I think that every people of Kazakhstan should live like this, moreover, all the plans presented in this article are impregnated with pragmatism. Openness to the global world with the preservation of its unique cultural entity is what should become our society's goal for the near future. Studying my native land, Atyrau region, I was always interested, and I often advocated the development of domestic tourism.

Today we see this at the state level, and this is very encouraging. The most relevant and discussed issue in this article is, of course, the transition to the Latin alphabet of the Kazakh language. In the realities of the modern world and taking into account the same pragmatism, about which we spoke, this step seems to me promising.