Yulia Kozlovskaya: Assembly is an opportunity to make a statement about yourself

Yulia Kozlovskaya is the Head of Youth wing at “Polacy” public association and active participant of the cultural events held by the ethnocultural center. Due to the keen interest in young people in the Year of Youth, a leader of the wing shared the future plans and activities are going to be held this year.

Dmitry Ostankovich: Belarusians have similar mentality to Kazakhs

Dmitry Ostankovich is a composer, teacher, public figure and a chairman of “Radima” Belarusian Cultural Centre in Astana. He has been repeatedly marked by gratitude letters and diplomas of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan for his high service to the humanistic ideals of goodness, spiritual accord, strengthening friendship and inter-ethnic unity. The famous composer shared what inspires him to write compositions, what activities are held in Belorussian centre and international cooperation.

Natalya Karageur: Kazakhs and Bulgarians are similar in hospitality and generosity

As it is known, Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev in his recent State of the Nation Address declared 2019 year as Year of Youth. To date, Kazakhstan has brought up a network of successful young people who actively participate in the life of the country. What is the life of today's young people, what is their passion and what projects do they do?