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Today, the conclusion of Memorandum of cooperation between Assembly of people of Kazakhstan and Nazarbayev University was done.

The document was signed at university within the international conference “Integration policy of Kazakhstan and Germany. Comparative analysis”.

An important bilateral document was signed by Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan – Head of Secretariat of APK of the Executive Office of President RK Leonid Prokopenko and rector of Nazarbayev University Mr. Shigeo Katsu.

The head of Secretariat told about the close cooperation with university:

“Working with the intellectual leader of Kazakhstan in educational, scientific terms is a very important priority in the activities of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. I think, such cooperation in the scientific field will successfully promote the Kazakhstan model of social harmony and national unity and strengthen further cooperation”, — L. Prokopenko said.

Deputy Chairman noted that there were different models of integration in the world.

“There is a model of “melting pot” in the US, multiculturalism in some European countries, the concept “kokutai” (state organism) in Japan and others.

In many countries of the world and Europe, the legal status of ethnic groups is regulated through the institutions of the national minority and the absolutization of individual human rights.

Kazakhstan, in turn, chose its own path, developed its own system to ensure public harmony and unity.

Two factors played a key role in it: the political will of the President and his model of integration of ethnoses into a single nation.

We have abandoned the concept of national minorities.

Our Constitution begins with the words “We are the people of Kazakhstan”, which originally laid down the principle of community of all citizens of the country regardless of ethnicity at the political, legal and social level.

All ethnoses of the country chose the integration strategy of existence.

Integration of ethno-cultural associations into a single Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan has become a powerful public resource for accumulation of the interests of all ethnic groups of the country and all the people through them.

I would especially like to note the fact that APK performs all recommendations of the UN and OSCE on human rights in the field of inter-ethnic relations.

Today, about 180 thousand Germans live in Kazakhstan, German ethno-cultural associations work actively, Academic Republican German drama theatre functions, newspaper “Deutsche Algemeine Zeitung” is published.

The state supports the development and preservation of German culture and language.

At the same time, all of us, regardless of ethnic origin or religion, consider ourselves an integral part of the single nation of Kazakhstan”, — concluded Leonid Prokopenko.

During the conference, issues of migration policy of Kazakhstan and Germany were discussed: the main flows of migrants, labour migration and forecasts for the near future. They also discussed the role of NGOs and state institutions in the integration of ethnoses, the possibilities of ethnic and cultural associations in the adaptation and integration of migrants and their interaction with the authorities.

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Friday, 14 September, 2018

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