Extended meeting at L. Gumilyov ENU to clarify State of the Nation Address of President RK

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On 9 October an extended meeting, which discussed State of the Nation Address of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev was held at the Department of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University.

The main report was made by a member of the Council of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, head of the Department of the APK, Doctor of Economics, professor Anatoly Bashmakov.

Representatives of the Secretariat of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan of Astana, Head of the Department of Eurasian Studies professor Nurbek Shayakhmetov, Head of UNESCO Department of ENU professor Gadilbek Shalakhmetov, Chairman of the Republican Youth Organization "Zharasym" at the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, Deputy Chairman of the Republican Youth Movement of the APK "Zhangyru zholy" Timur Jumurbayev, teacher of the Kazakh language of gymnasium No. 22 Aigul Karamurzina, a member of RYO "Zharasym" at the APK, student of 3rd course majoring in "International relations" of L.N. Gumilyov Karina Inkarbekova and students, teachers and members of the public of the capital took part in the round table.

"First of all, these are new opportunities for young people. The President focused on the growth of welfare of Kazakhstan citizens and those who educate young people.

Much has been said about education. According to the President, Kazakhstan should have a new Polytechnic University, established in full accordance with Nazarbayev University. Standards of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools should be common for all secondary schools. The main criterion for assessing the work of the university will be the employment of its graduates. It was said about strengthening the work in terms of professional orientation of students. These initiatives will create an environment for the growth of competitive, highly educated and in-demand youth. 10% of the total GDP should contribute to science, education and health. This is a very important decision for the modern state.

The next point widely covered in the current Address is the opportunity to create and run a business. Support for exporters, development of domestic production, increasing investment in the non-resource sector. We must create a strong economy that will be successful on the world stage. Now young entrepreneurs have the opportunity for rapid development in the domestic market and access to the international level. As the President said, our economy should stop being "toothless".  We must develop new technologies. Blockchain, robotics, 3D-printing are very popular now, so we need to build up high technologies. It is necessary to do it now so we will not stay behind the other countries.

At the end of the speech Nursultan Nazarbayev announced good news for every young man. Next year – 2019 is announced as Year of youth, it gives an evidence of high attention and care of President to the younger generation of Kazakhstan citizens", — said Timur Jumurbayev.

"State of the Nation Address of the President is not just an appeal to the people. This is a clear indication of the government's close relationship with the people. This Address contains many important points and provisions.

The first thing I noted for myself as a youth representative is that the President marked the next year as the Year of youth. In the future, all state structures will depend on young people, whether Kazakhstan will develop further, whether it will be an authority in the international arena.

The second point – socio-economic development is very important and remarkable one, as the main resource of the country is a human. As Margaret Thatcher said: "A country’s wealth need not depend on natural resources, it may even ultimately benefit from their absence. The greatest resource of all is man. What government has to do is to set the framework for human talent to flourish". Speaking about social and economic development, the President covered various spheres of life, such as education, medicine, and support for small and medium business.

The third point, which is important for me is education. I believe that it is an important area of each state. Education is the point that each country has and on which the development of the state depends as a whole. If we have education at the proper level, investigative and territorial integrity will be clear, sovereignty will be strengthened and medicine will develop and all other areas of our society", — said Karina Inkarbekova.

 “I would like to note the President's Address as socially oriented. The Address raises a very significant issue "About the teacher’s status", important for us because we are all workers in the field of education. Before turning to this issue, I would like to note that in times of crisis, at the dawn of our independence, our President made a wise decision to establish a scholarship programme "Bolashak". We have the results of that decision and it is remarkable that the programme is still functioning for the benefit of the country. I would also like to note the system of free professional technical education, which was launched in 2016. 

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Tuesday, 9 October, 2018

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