A good tradition in Christmas

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KGU "Kogamdyk kelisim" under the akimat of Astana congratulates all Orthodox Christians on Christmas and reports that on the eve of the Nativity of Christ in a Spiritual center named after Kirill and Mefodii supported by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan of the Astana branch of the Republican Slavic movement "Lad" and PA "Union of Cossacks of the Steppe Krai" was held Christmas tree for children. During the presentation of more than 200 young viewers charge a good mood from interactive program of children's animation, games and competitions featuring characters from animated films. At the end of festive events all children to receive Christmas gifts.

Representatives of the Moscow PA "Society of Ukrainians "Obereg" organized targeted congratulations gifts for children of SOS villages. Bright continuation of the event was a tea party and concert program with the rite of Caledonia prepared by ethnocultural associations. The event was held in a family atmosphere where the children received a lot of positive emotions and impressions.

On January 7 the People's Cossack Choir "Stanichniks" named after Victor Ivanov conducted a concert of folk music "Christmas Christmas trees". The festive program was attended by students of the Cossack Sunday School Astana branch of the Republican Slavic movement "Lad", the ensemble "Vyaselka" - the creative team of the Belarusian Center PA "Radima".

School gymnasium №6 boys were congratulated by the representatives of the Bulgarian ethnocultural center of "Zlata", which spent a Christmas tree with the delivery of Christmas gifts.

Вthe feast of the Nativity is based on high ideals of kindness, mutual support and clarity of thoughts. Conducted by ethnocultural associations of the capital's annual Christmas charity events have become a tradition for the city Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.

Festive events aimed at attracting public attention to the activities of the capital's ethno-cultural centers and strengthening interethnic relations.


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Wednesday, 10 January, 2018

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