Republican contest "The best translator of the judicial system"

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Recently, the Republican contest "The Best Interpreter of the Judiciary" was held in the Supreme Court.

The event was attended by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Kairat Mami, the judges of the country's supreme judicial body, the leadership and the staff of the Department for ensuring the functioning of the courts at the Supreme Court.

This contest is organized within the framework of the practical implementation of the tasks set in the article of the Head of State "A look into the future: modernization of public consciousness". The goal - the formation of a corps of professional court interpreters, possessing the skills of interpretation, drafting legal documents and conduct of judicial proceedings in the official language.

Opening the event, Kairat Mami noted that the Head of State always pays special attention to the implementation of a balanced language policy. "This issue is crucial for the judicial system, as is largely due to the fullness of the implementation of the rights and freedoms of citizens, the courts" - said the Chairman of the Supreme Court. He noted that for a multi-ethnic Kazakhstan, which conducts an active economic activity with many countries of the world, the issue of a quality judicial transfer in many respects affects the perception of the effectiveness of the work of the courts. It was also stressed that in the near future the Supreme Court will adopt a set of measures to increase the level of judicial transfer.

Further, the leading expert of the RПU at the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Koпamdyk kelіsim", member of the jury Kamal Alpeisova, addressed the contest participants with a welcoming speech.

Awarding of the winners of the competition took place at a solemn meeting of the Supreme Court, timed to celebrate the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Within the framework of the competition there was also a seminar-training on the method of translating judicial and legal texts with a special emphasis on the skills of simultaneous interpretation. The training was conducted by Kamal Alpeisova, a synchronist interpreter, candidate of philological sciences.

Source: Press Service of the Supreme Court

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Wednesday, 6 December, 2017

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