Уважаемые соотечественники!

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The Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan congratulates you on the upcoming New Year 2018!

The past year has become an important page in the glorious chronicle of our country, a year of achievements and fateful reforms.

Thanks to national unity and agreement, an international specialized exhibition devoted to the energy of the future, EXPO-2017 and the Universiade was held successfully and at a high level.

The constitutional reform, the programs of the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan and the "Ruhani zhangiru" are being implemented, which are designed to provide a worthy place for Kazakhstan in the top thirty of the most competitive countries in the world.

2017 was the year of the opening of new names. The outstanding talents of our compatriots Dimash Kudaibergen, Dinars Saduakasova, Danelia Tuleshova, Denis Tena received wide international recognition, and the realization of the project "100 New Persons of Kazakhstan" revealed unique examples of success achieved by young people, thanks to selfless labor during the years of Independence.

Dear fellow citizens!

Let 2018 be equally generous to ideas and achievements, continue to open new prospects for economic and social growth, harmonious development of each of us.

Let your plans for this year come true, and in every endeavor you will be lucky.

We wish you all good health, prosperity, realization of all your plans and hopes. Let all warm the home heat, love and care of loved ones.

Happy New Year!

Council of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan

Дата события Ассамблеи: 
Monday, 1 January, 2018

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