Vladimir Bozhko spoke about the work of the deputies of the Majilis from the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

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Deputy Chairman of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Vladimir Bozhko met with the leaders and the asset of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, the correspondent of MIA Kazinform reports. Within the framework of the meeting, Vladimir Bozhko reported on the activities of the deputies of the Majilis elected from the Assembly.

"On April 6, a parliamentary group was formed in Parliament consisting of 9 deputies from the Assembly and 22 deputies from other parties represented in the Parliament. Since September 1 of last year, that is for the last session, the group took part in four joint sessions of the Chambers of Parliament, 28 plenary sessions, where laws are passed, also in 11 government hours, 206 meetings of all seven standing committees. Members of this deputy group made 1394 proposals and amendments. There are discussions, we invite all comers and experts to the group meetings to get a high-quality legislative product. Members of the committee discussed amendments to the Constitution, held meetings in the regions, organized 1109 receptions of citizens. Members of the Assembly group voiced 65 deputy requests, of which deputies from the Assembly-16, "Vladimir Bozhko reported to the audience.

The meeting touched upon the implementation of the program article of the Head of State NA Nazarbayev "A Look into the Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness". Vladimir Bozhko drew the attention of the audience to the fact that Kazakhstan has something to be proud of in the field of history and culture and it is necessary to promote this heritage among the young population of the country.

"The public consciousness, which should support the good and respond properly to the problems that arise, is a very important component. Now, when someone has grief, not everyone, but many pass by, try not to get involved. Earlier on the contrary, people helped each other more often. We must return true patriotism, preserve the institutions of the family, respect for the elders. This is an important work. Why do not everyone like classical music? And how do you love it when most students do not go to classical concerts? We have very few people who go to the theater and do not absorb the great beauty of our artists. And talents in our land were, are and will be. Our task is to put the work in such a way that young people are more often interested in spiritual and cultural heritage, "said Vladimir Bozhko.

At the end of the meeting, the deputy chairman of the Majilis of the Parliament of the RK listened to the proposals and wishes of the assembled to further improve the work of the deputies from the Assembly.


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Friday, 11 August, 2017

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