"We are branches of one tree!"

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November 12, 2017 in the framework of the program "Ryhani zhangiry" in the metropolitan school-gymnasium № 31 took lesson of friendship "We are branches of the same tree!" Among the Sunday school students.

The event was initiated with the aim of educating the Kazakhstani patriotism among the younger generation by consolidating the ethnic groups of Kazakhstan, forming a civil and spiritual and cultural community.

The Friendship Lesson is annually held by the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in the city of Astana. With 24 ethno-cultural associations of the capital, there are 12 ethnolinguistic centers that are created to study the native language and national culture.

Sunday schools of the capital are visited by children aged 6 to 14 years. Every Sunday in the morning teachers wait for their pupils to help them enrich their intellectual, creative and cultural potential, instill in them a sense of Kazakhstani patriotism.

The festival was accompanied by a series of performances by students from Korean, Armenian, Azerbaijani and Cossack Sunday schools. Children told poems and proverbs about their love for their homeland and respect for the people, sang songs in their native and Kazakh languages.

Little masters of dance and vocals gave the audience an unforgettable holiday and a real round of friendship. Spectators warmly met the bright, musical and dance numbers of children.

The objectives of the event are: the education of Kazakhstan's patriotism through the consolidation of ethnic groups in Kazakhstan, the formation of a civil and spiritual and cultural community, the demonstration of the contribution of ethno-cultural associations of the city of Astana in the development and strengthening of interethnic harmony and unity, the development of interest in the younger generation for folk creativity, the organization of children's creative leisure, the education of patriotic self-awareness among the younger generation.

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Tuesday, 14 November, 2017

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