We glorify the feat of fathers and grandfathers

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Under this name, the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of the Kostanay region held two May holidays - Defender of the Fatherland Day and Victory Day. The place for the holding was chosen very symbolic - the military unit 6697 of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which this year celebrates its 45th anniversary, along with the 25th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the RK.

The commander of the military unit Yerlan Ipatov, the personnel of the unit, the schoolchildren of the regional Center for Initial Military Training solemnly welcomed Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, soldiers-internationalists, workers of the rear representing various ethno-cultural associations of the regional Assembly. During the program on the parade ground, soldiers demonstrated not only their own martial arts skills, but also performed with service dogs. People  was fascinated by the Belgian Shepherd named Chara, who quickly found the drugs hidden in the boxes. By the way, Chara, together with his coach Mars Harisov, will go to Astana for an exhibition "ESCO-2017" in summer in order to protect public order.

After the demonstration performances, the veterans went to the weapons exhibition, and afterwards in the assembly hall of the military unit was organized a concert for them with the participation of artists from the regional Friendship House and military orchestra.

Veterans were pleased to sing along with the artists, hearing the familiar melodies of "The Dark Night", "Darkies", "Eh, roads," and after that they set off to dance. Adiba Fakhrieva, a 97-year-old representative of the Tatar-Bashkir community "Duslyk", forgetting about her advanced age, famously danced with the presenter. At the end of the holiday, the guests went to the dining room, where they tasted soldiers' porridge. Not without the 100 grams front. At the table, the veterans remembered former years and war time.

 "I looked at young people today and remembered my youth," Leonid Dyachkov, participant of the partisan movement, shares his impressions. - I remembered how I had jumped 98 times with a parachute, as I taught the young Muscovites parachute sport, because I am a master of sports in this form. I was envious today for the children of their youth, because I am 90 years old. Although, if I and my friend were given an airplane, then probably, today I would venture to jump with a parachute.

A representative of the Greek ethno-cultural association Kiryaki Afendulidi recalled how, while she was a child, she helped adults to cut and drag branches to soldiers.

 - And we did it to disguise cars, - says Kiryaki Avramovna. - Here goes, for example, the car, and it can be seen from the air, and the bombing begins. And when they began to cover the cars with branches, it was more difficult to see it so.

After lunch, veterans were taken to their homes with donated food sets. And they, in turn, did not skimp on the words of gratitude to the organizers of the holiday, because for the elderly today, any attention is very expensive.

- In the current turbulent times, when conflicts break out, wars are breaking out, we are becoming more and more aware that unity, unity and harmony are the guarantee of peace and stability in any country where representatives of different ethnic groups live. And this invaluable peace we need to cherish in our multinational Kazakhstan, that above our houses there should always be a clear and clear sky, - summed up the event the deputy head of KGU "Public contracts" mayor of Kostanay region Balajay Ardabaeva.

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