A working visit of the Osakar district was visited by the deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the RK Sauyatbek Abdrakhmanov

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On January 8 of this year, the Osakar district was visited by the deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan Abdrakhmanov Sauyatbek Abdrakhmanovich.

The meeting was attended by the deputies of the regional maslikhat, the akims of the villages and rural districts, the chairmen and members of the Council of Public Consent, the Council of Mothers, ECA settlements and rural districts, the pedagogical collectives of secondary school №1, secondary school №12, gymnasium №9 of Osakarovka settlement.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Deputy akim of osakarov district A. K. Shalabayeva.

During the meeting, the mazhilisman told voters about the work done at the last session of the Parliament, the main theme was also the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan and the article "Looking to the Future: Modernizing the Public Consciousness". There were also voiced the issues of introducing changes in the laws on education, public procurement.

The events included the redistribution of powers between the branches of power, the transition of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillic to the Latin script, social protection of the population, pension reform, patriotic education of the youth.

The deputy was acquainted with the experience of distance learning and robotics in resource centers of regional schools.

With wishes made by the Chairman of the district Council of mothers R.K. Kasenova and the head of the ethnocultural Association "Elpida"

O. N. Papadopoulos.

Press service of KGU "Kogamdyk kelіsim"

the apparatus of akim of the Karaganda region

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Wednesday, 10 January, 2018

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