Arthur Bartel, Chairman of the Union of German Youth of Kazakhstan

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The Republic of Kazakhstan is going to realize the goals of entering our country into the top thirty countries, the Head of State, caring for the future generation, fulfilling its promises, is leading our country along the path of modernization and improvement of our state. We all remember what resonance at the beginning of this year caused the decisions of our President. Together we discussed the issue of amending the Constitution of our country, and then the entire nation was discussing the annual Message.

Today we are talking about the program article of the Head of State "Orientation: the spiritual revival of the future", which, in my opinion, will also cause a lively public discussion and great interest.

Expressing my position on this issue, I can say that the registered initiative by our President is unique, as this step will enable us to provide the new young generation with the opportunity of competitiveness in the future.

Speaking about the youth of Kazakhstan, I would like to note that for the state, the comprehensively developed youth is a priority, which will later become at the helm and continue the baton, with the possibility of succession of generations, strengthening the positions of the state in the international arena.

Supporting the initiative of the President, I want to say on behalf of the German youth of Kazakhstan that we support the transition of the state language to the Latin alphabet. This transition from my point of view will increase the interest of studying the state language from foreign audiences, since it will be easier for them to understand the Kazakh language. I agree that it will not be difficult to pass the new generation from the usual Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet, since a really new generation is already fluent in English, German, French and other languages. I want only to note that the youth of Kazakhstan should help and help the younger in solving the global task!