A. Bashmakov, member of the Bureau of the Political Council of the Party "Nur Otan", member of the Council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

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Deputy Chairman of the Association of Russian, Slavic and Cossack Organizations of Kazakhstan, Head of the department of the ENU named after L.N.Gumilev, Doctor of Economics

Presidential treatment with software reflection on the future of Kazakh society through culture and spirituality is our strategic task. In my opinion, it should be regarded as a humanistic idea of ​​equal and mutually beneficial development of the culture and spirit of all ethnic groups and the mechanism of fraternal accord. The Head of State pays special attention to the role of the school and universities, in general education. After all, a university and a school is a state structure, where our young schoolchildren pass for the first time the lessons of socialization. And it is very important that these lessons are valuable. After all, they say that you will pour a pitcher into the jug, and then it will pour out of it. Albert Einstein said: "It is easier to split an atom than to alter a person's consciousness or outlook."

Marriage in work with young people is not permissible!

That's why I believe that the school and university are also a target-forming structure. This is the spiritual basis of our Kazakhstani identity. That is why the main principle should be returned to education, to all its structures: teaching, educating a moral person.

In our university, as a pilot project, the educational discipline "Values ​​of Eternal Country" has already been introduced. I think that we are on the right track. After all, in this presidential concept the cultural code of the Kazakh people and the most important fragment of Kazakhstan's identity are encrypted.

The ideas of "Eternal Country" are based not only on the centuries-old dream of the Kazakh people, but also on the results of the development of all ethnic groups of modern Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is the true motherland of my spirit. I have lived a long life to understand his beauty and uniqueness.

N. Nazarbayev stressed that the patriotic spirit and atmosphere of goodwill is very important to the society. And if there is a spirit of unity in the air and the desire to make the country more reliable, richer, then according to the law of communicating vessels, good deeds will grow in economy, business and the very joy of sensation. It is impossible today to exclude the fact that in our society there is a part of people with fuzzy identity, such a vacuum of civil identity weakens the formation of civil unity.

It is necessary to raise the role of culture in a special way. After all, culture is where everything begins. And this is what remains after all. And if we declare culture as a strategic spiritual resource of our development, then solve many problems in economics, technology and even interpersonal relations.

Culture, which President always says, is a confrontation of chaos, aggression, all ugliness in all areas of our life.

On television, in all the media, in schools, universities, families, we should educate in our youth such spiritual substance, called CONSCIENCE.

Conscience is not only the guardian angel of human honor. This is the helmsman of our whole life, this is our moral navigator.

In short, N.Nazarbayev once again stressed the role of human capital. His article is permeated with concern for the upbringing of a modern man, who loves his Motherland and Fatherland. After all, the role of the assembly of the people of Kazakhstan is inexorable, which, over the years of its development, has become a school and an academy of spirit and the education of feelings of tremulous love for one's native land. Here, in the ANC, they are taught to love their people and be to it, the Motherland, the devotee.