Kustadinchev Yury Yurievich, member of the Council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, chairman of the NGO "Bulgarian Ethno-cultural Center for Deported Bulgarians "Revival".

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For me, the main idea of ​​Nursultan Abishevich's article "Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness" was "The ability to live rationally, with an emphasis on achieving real goals, with emphasis on education, a healthy lifestyle and professional success - this is pragmatism in behavior."

I think that every people of Kazakhstan should live like this, moreover, all the plans presented in this article are impregnated with pragmatism. Openness to the global world with the preservation of its unique cultural entity is what should become our society's goal for the near future. Studying my native land, Atyrau region, I was always interested, and I often advocated the development of domestic tourism.

Today we see this at the state level, and this is very encouraging. The most relevant and discussed issue in this article is, of course, the transition to the Latin alphabet of the Kazakh language. In the realities of the modern world and taking into account the same pragmatism, about which we spoke, this step seems to me promising.