Ni Lyubov Augustovna, Member of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, director of the State Republican Academic Korean Theater of Musical Comedy

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The staff of the State Republican Academic Korean Theater of Musical Comedy has read with great interest the article of the Head of State "A Look into the Future: Modernizing the Public Consciousness"

We would like to note that all appeals of Nazarbayev Nursultan Abishevich to the people of Kazakhstan, regardless of the form of their submission, are extremely informative and impressive, they amaze with their scope and degree of foresight of our Leader. The article "Looking into the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness" was no exception. It focuses attention on the most important aspects of our life, such as education, self-development, and national identity, cultural and spiritual level of the nation.

We were especially interested in the first direction of modernization of consciousness, indicated by the President, namely, increasing the competitiveness of the nation. We can say that the staff of our theater has been implementing this trend for several years already. Artists go to Seoul every year where they improve not only choreographic and vocal skills, but also pass the language practice, which allows the theater to maintain the "right" language and fight for its purity. Within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation concluded in 2013 with the Center for the Preservation of the Spiritual Heritage of the Republic of Korea, the company regularly participates in various training seminars and master classes. On our stage you can see the plays of Kazakh, Korean, Russian and European playwrights who play in three languages; Kazakh, Korean and Russian. In this way we certainly meet the challenges of the time, which the President announced.

No less interesting for us is the third point of modernization - the preservation of national identity. The issue of preserving and combining a national identity and preserving the language, culture, traditions and literature of ethnoses has always been and remains one of the most effectively solved. And we, like no one else, understand how deeply the Head of State invested in these words.

We also share the President's desire to build knowledge and education into a kind of cult. For us, as for a progressively creative team, the gaining of new knowledge is a necessary condition for existence and successful development. We fully support this initiative and will strive to implement it.

As for the romanization of the Kazakh language, we find this program very bold and interesting. Perhaps it is the transition to the Latin letter that will facilitate the younger generation the mastery of the state language thanks to the analogy with English, which is also written in Latin. It is possible that the Latin script will also help us to synthesize more deeply into the world community. And it will simplify the process of knowledge of the Kazakh language for foreign citizens.

In conclusion, I want to say that the collective of our theater undertakes to contribute to the realization of all directions announced by the Head of State and sincerely hopes that the article "Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness" will find a lively response in the hearts of all our compatriots.