Nikolay RADOSTOVETS, member of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, executive director of the Republican Association of mining and mining-metallurgical enterprises

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The principle of competitiveness is the pivot of building a Kazakhstan’s society

The article "Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness" is a clear indication that the President is always a few steps ahead of everyone else in his vision of the future development of Kazakhstan.

I consider it essential that the main message of the Head of State's article, which is the need for every people of Kazakhstan in a tough competitive struggle, is constantly progressing, moving forward, not counting on the manna of heaven. Looking back, in its history, - to abandon the remnants of the past - nepotism, laziness, others - and use the best traditions of the people. Being modern is not easy today, but to do everything possible to be modern tomorrow. The principle of competitiveness is the most important principle that the Leader of the nation laid in the basis of the future construction of the Kazakhstan’s society.

Therefore it is very important to know the language of international communication, to study in advanced universities, to develop quality education in Kazakhstan, to pay close attention to the education of the younger generation.

I am confident that as a result of the comprehension of the publication of the President, the country's budgetary investments in the human factor, the system of training and retraining of youth, and the system of independent evaluation of people, their promotion will be reviewed.

In his program article, the Leader of the nation offers us a new look at the Kazakh. Today it is a person who is modern, not burdened to some extent by traditions that would restrain his human development and his adaptation in the global world. Most people own the Internet, have a clear position on many issues, are the bearers of the culture of their own people and respect the culture of the peoples of other countries.

Of course, the main factor that will ensure our future prosperity is the solid traditions of the unity of the people. Tolerance is the basis of Kazakhstan society, and it is very important that spiritual tolerance becomes the principle of Kazakhstan's functioning in the future. Peacefulness, cohesion, interaction, aspiration, professing their faith, not dictating their principles of worship to others, is what needs to be preserved and carried on to generations of the people of Kazakhstan. This is inherent in the traditions of the Kazakh people and is being realized now in our country under the leadership of the Head of State.

In my opinion, President warns us that in the future we can face big problems if we do not take promptly a number of measures to update the intellectual, spiritual state of society by setting them on the "rails" of tough competitive foundations. From the very childhood the Kazakh should understand that he will get to the environment where the best world achievements are actively used, he is given a high level in obtaining knowledge, understanding reality, so he himself can generate ideas that will enrich not only the Kazakhstan’s but the world technical, technological, and spiritual spheres.

It seems to me that the vector of development that the President has asked us makes us all understand that life requires change. And changes need to be laid in our minds, thinking today. This applies to every family. It is necessary to think that the child knew English; you need to think that he would follow national traditions and at the same time could progress in the conditions of the international competitive environment. This will be the key to the formation of us as a united Nation of strong and responsible people, as the Head of State sees us in the future.