Rasul Akhmetov, chairman of the NGO “Harmony”, a member of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan

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Roadmap for young people

One of the key points in the article of the Head of State "A look into the future: modernization of public consciousness" is to preserve and realize the depth of history and cultural self-identification.

New technologies will be developed, discoveries will be made, but spiritual values ​​and fundamental knowledge, the basis will remain unchanged, giving the people of Kazakhstan more and more strength for new achievements and victories.

The article of the President reflects the nature of the people of Kazakhstan, national priorities, demonstrates the "cultural code of the nation." The President outlined the directions of development of our basic spiritual values: science, culture, education. A new concept of consolidation and strengthening of the national identity is presented, which serves as a reference point for every citizen of the country.

The implementation of the program guidelines identified in the article of the Head of State will further strengthen the sense of patriotism and civil identity among the youth and will contribute to strengthening the social consensus and unity of the people of Kazakhstan. Patriotism takes its roots from a common history and culture, language, family. Active creative patriotism should be supported by the achievements of the country, the real deeds of the heroes of our time. The article reflects the most important, the most valuable and close for those who work for the benefit of our Motherland - the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As the head of the Youth Association of the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, I believe that the article by the Nation Leader N.A.Nazarbayev "A Look into the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness" is a roadmap for the youth of our country to further strengthen the country's Independence!

All provisions of the article are directly related to the development of the national economy and the welfare of the people of Kazakhstan. A program of this scale will become a kind of social cement that unites the nation, strengthens the civil identity. After all, the Motherland is not only land, territory, but also a single social and cultural community from the bearers of common worldview values, language, traditions, and customs.

Therefore, it is important that the meaning and provisions of the article of the President reach all levels of society. The discussion should be actively conducted at the level of the entire civil society. In this direction, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan will play a very important role, as a driver of civil society and an effective conductor of the ideas and creative policy of the Head of State.

I am sure that the vocation of young people is to understand and comprehend the tasks of the President in his program article. Each young man needs to be in the trend of the main events, new trends and technological process for the successful entry of our country into the 30-ty most developed countries of the world.