Zinaida Chumakova, Member of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. Member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan and Russia

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The fate of the country, the fate of the people.

Three stages of modernization took place in Kazakhstan during the years of its independence, but modernization of public consciousness is perhaps the most important, because it concerns not only the economic and political basis of the country, it affects the quivering strings of the human soul. And in this sense it is difficult to overestimate.

I have worked over 30 years in culture, and for me it is not difficult to trace how the language, traditions, and culture of the Kazakh people came to a complete extinction. If it were not for the acquisition of Independence, it is likely that we would lose our own national code.

The fact that today we have national museums, libraries, that we have revived national holidays, art and culture, “aytys” and “sal – sere”, that we are carrying out original national family and household ceremonies and holidays, sports games and many other things - this is our patriotism and national self-consciousness.

It is very close and understandable for me every line of this article Nursultan Abishevich. That the nation was competitive, every person should be competitive. It is the person "and not the presence of mineral resources, which becomes a factor in the success of the nation". Programs: Digital Kazakhstan, trilingual, Motherland, Projects "Spiritual shrines of Kazakhstan", "100 new persons of Kazakhstan" and not only national, but regional - all this, of course, is "The platform that connects the horizons of the past, the present And the future of the people".

Of course, here it is not possible not to take into account in what century we live, and therefore it is impossible to lag behind the impetuous run of time. So the society will have to change, and with it our Kazakhstan will also change.

And this is true. "We saw the collapse of the three main ideologies of the last century - communism, fascism and liberalism. The age of radical ideologies has passed. We need clear, understandable and forward-looking installations”. And Nursultan Abishevich clearly prescribes these installations in his article. And how important is the words of our President concerning the cult of knowledge! "Openness and receptivity to better achievements, and not deliberately pushing away the whole new "no one's "- is the key to success and one of the indicators of open consciousness". And the transition to the Latin alphabet, and the 100 best textbooks of the world, which need to be translated into Kazakh from different languages, so that our students can learn the best textbooks that have absorbed the legacy of centuries and peoples - all this is the modernization of public consciousness. Our view of the future.

I leaf through page by page of Nursultan Abishevich's article and meet more and more familiar thoughts in it. This was mentioned in the "Strategy 2030", and he drew attention to this in the Message "The Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness", but this one thought, I remember, sounded even during the first session of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan.

That's right, every word of our President is passed through his own heart, and he managed to think about everything long before the publication of the article, weigh everything and prepare everything for us. No accidents and impromptu, because in his hands the fate of the country, the fate of the people.