Address of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

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Dear compatriots!

 The President of Kazakhstan, N.A. Nazarbayev, delivered a program article "Orientation: spiritual revival of the future", in which he outlined the clear contours of modernization of public consciousness.

The 2017 year was the beginning of a new era - the start of the implementation of the Third Modernization, designed to create a new model of Kazakhstan's economic growth, to ensure our global competitiveness.

The new constitutional reform laid the foundation for a large-scale political modernization, formed socio-political conditions for the implementation of the tasks of the Third Modernization.

The idea of ​​modernization of public consciousness, put forward by the Head of State, is absolutely natural and objectively necessary.

We are on the way to becoming a political nation. To take the leading positions in the world, each of us and all of us together should change our consciousness, thinking, get rid of outdated stereotypes.

In the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050“, the President of Kazakhstan noted that "Traditions and culture are the genetic code of the nation". The new platform emphasizes that the main condition for modernization is the preservation of its culture, its national code. Spiritual modernization of society must be based on the best traditions and national-cultural roots.

What has been an innovation in the past has become a tradition; today's innovations in the future will become a tradition. This approach will allow us to connect the horizons of the past, present and future of our people, reconcile the various poles of national consciousness.

The President singles out a number of basic directions of modernization of both society and every citizen.

First, it's competitiveness, the ability to offer the world something new, which is based on factors such as computer literacy, knowledge of foreign languages, cultural openness.

Secondly, it is pragmatism. It includes both the rejection of a number of habits and stereotypes, as well as the historical experience of pragmatic behavior and rational nation thinking, the skills of ancestors.

Thirdly, the preservation of national identity, the inner core of the national "I" when national consciousness changes.

Today, it is possible to oppose traditions and customs for everything negative. At the same time, we must abandon those archaic elements of the past that do not allow developing the nation.

Fourth, the cult of knowledge is the success of a nation. Education is the most fundamental factor of success in the future, when a technological revolution will lead to the disappearance of many of the existing professions.

Fifth, only evolutionary development gives us a chance to prosper; this is the principle of modernization ideology and the internal conviction of every citizen of Kazakhstan.

Sixthly, the openness of consciousness, the willingness of society and every person to change in a volatile global world.

These approaches will become the fundamental basis for the modernization of public consciousness.

The head of state outlined several concrete projects for the coming years.

First of all, it is the transition of the Kazakh language into Latin alphabet, which will open the way to the global information world and communication.

100 new textbooks in the state language will be translated and printed, which contain the latest achievements of world science and technology, humanitarian knowledge.

The "Native land" program will provide a systemic opportunity to support its "small homeland" from businessmen, officials, intellectuals, youth, and the education of patriotism.

The project "Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan" will provide an opportunity to preserve national "holy places" and shrines, as well as to develop the tourism infrastructure in the country.

The project "Modern Kazakhstan culture in the global world" will open the way for many talents who, through their creativity, are eager to glorify Kazakhstan in the world.

Finally, the project "100 New Names of Kazakhstan" will ensure the popularization of our contemporaries who have achieved outstanding successes in their field, which will become a vivid example for the moral education of youth.

These instructions will form the basis of all ideological work of the state and civil society in the medium term.


The President’s thesis that "the internal desire for renewal is the key principle of our development" is more topical than ever.

Modernization of consciousness determines the unity of our goals, the community of values ​​and the power of social harmony.

The new ideological platform organically complements the constitutional reform, the economic transformation of the Third Modernization and is the mental driver of the successful development of Kazakhstan in the 21-st century.

The change in public consciousness will allow in the changing world, in the face of new threats and challenges, to strengthen stability, unity, and harmony that have always been and will be the basis of Kazakhstan's development.

We call upon the people of Kazakhstan to take responsibility and take an active part in the implementation of the new ideological platform "Orientation: the spiritual revival of the future"!

 We are sure that the creative potential of our people will always be a vivid example of the highest national spirit, the spirit of victory, the pursuit of excellence, and the achievement of a worthy place in the global world!


Forward, Kazakhstan!

Council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan,

Astana, April 12, 2017

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