Сlub of journalists of APK

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Club of journalists and experts on ethnic relations under APK (hereinafter - Club) was established on behalf of President, given at the XV session of APK. The club is a permanent advisory expert platform contributed to the consolidation of efforts of the media in promoting tolerance, preservation of ethnic, social cohesion and civic unity.

There are 22 journalists of national and regional media covering the ethnic theme and experts in the field of interethnic relations in the Club.

Tasks of the Club: contribute to the strengthening of tolerance, preservation of interethnic harmony in the state, civil unity, patriotism and the spiritual and cultural community; to respect, to promote and implement the principles of journalistic ethics and the responsibility to shape the journalistic community in covering ethnic themes.

The club is preparing proposals to improve the state national policy, the strengthening of interethnic harmony and stability in society; develops recommendations for the correct media coverage of the interethnic nature.

Club members can be managers, chief editors, correspondents of national and regional media, registered on the territory of Kazakhstan, in the manner prescribed by law.They sould widely cover the issues on preservation of interethnic harmony in the country, civil unity, patriotism and the spiritual and cultural community.

During the activity there were organized by the Club 4 international seminar ("The media in strengthening interethnic tolerance", "Ethnic Culture and the Media" and others.); held 7 workshops for Kazakhstani mass media, with the participation of well-known domestic and foreign journalists, researchers in the field of mass media; implemented and applied research project "Language policy and ethnocultural education in polylingual society (based on the media)"; in cooperation with the Scientific Expert Council of the APK prepared a special issue of the journal of the historic rooms "Rodina" (Russia).

14-15 November 2013 in Astana under the auspices of the Club held its first International Media Forum of APK. The forum participated media experts in the field of media and communications, and journalists from 20 countries of near and far abroad. After the Media Forum of Kazakhstan's model of interethnic tolerance and social harmony materials published in the media in Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Malaysia, Latvia, Turkey, Iran and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Under the auspices of the Club held annually ANC "Ansar" competition of literary among students of journalism faculty, and creative competition in etnozhurnalism "Shanyrak".

For coverage of APK, the Club attracted 37 ethnic newspapers and magazines in 15 languages. Among the foreign media partners of the Club such famous media as the French magazine "Essentiel des relations", the Italian news agency «And Kronos», the German Radio "ARD", the Armenian information-analytical agency " Armedia "and others.

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