Statute of the public award of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan

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General conditions

The public award of the Assembly of people "Kazakhstan halkhy Assambleyasynyn kogamdyk" Birlik "Altyn medali" - Gold Medal of Unity of People of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - the medal "Birlik"), established on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan NA Nazarbayev.

II. The status of medal «Birlik»


2.1 The medal «Birlik» awards to the citizens and organizations for the following achievements:

1) strengthening the independent, stability and prosperity of the state as the key to economic, political and spiritual development of Kazakh society in all spheres of public relations;

2) ensuring peace, consolidation of society and the unity of the people of Kazakhstan;

3) the development of the state language and national culture as a factor of unity of people of Kazakhstan;

4) economic, social, civil, scientific development of Kazakhstan, formation of social responsibility of business;

5) development of intercultural dialogue, civil peace and accord;

6) educating the younger generation on the basis of the idea of statehood, the Kazakhstan patriotism, succession of generations and high moral values;

7) preservation and development of the cultural diversity of ethnic groups in Kazakhstan as an important advantage and the basis of intercultural dialogue;

8) strengthening relations with the Kazakh diaspora living abroad and the historical homeland of Kazakh ethnic groups;

9) strengthening cooperation among peoples, rapprochement and mutual enrichment of national cultures and friendly relations among nations, strengthening the authority of Kazakhstan in the world community.

III.  The procedure for awarding the medal «Birlrik»

3.1  For the award may be submitted individuals and legal entities.

3.2 Chairman of the Assembly - President of the Republic of Kazakhstan decision to award the the Medal of "Birlik" takes themselves on its own initiative.

3.3. Rules for presentation to the award "Birlik" have the representatives of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan and its territorial structures, deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, institutions and organizations of all types of ownership, government agencies, the media, non-governmental organizations and associations.

3.4 Representing Party submits to the Secretariat of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan the following documents:

-  personal application form (personal form);

- justification for the nomination with instructions of concrete item of Section 2.1 of this provision, which correspond to the performance of the nominated;

- extract from the minutes of the general meeting;

- an application for awarding a citizen or a legal entity.

If necessary, include the additional recommendations of the relevant organization or initiative group.

3.5 The functions performed by the Board award committee of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. The decision is made by a simple majority vote of the members of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan.

3.6 The Commission considers the idea in terms of matching the merits of the candidate status of the award "Birlik", which resulted in the collective decision is made protocol.

3.7   The decision taken at the meeting of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan and is the basis for awarding.

3.8 In case of rejection the Council submission of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan has the right not to give explanations for its decision.

3.9  Awarding is made in a solemn ceremony at the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan and the meetings of the Council of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, or by decision of the Chairman of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan - President of Kazakhstan. 

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