Questions of eradication among young people the facts of negative manifestations, ranging from political immaturity to the facts of the marginal behavior, and, furthermore, conduct in conflict with the legal framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan became the subject of extensive discussion at the joint meeting of the Council of public consent Akmola Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and the Mother’s Council under APK region with the participation of the party "Nur Otan".

Despite the fact that the agenda of the Council meeting originally scheduled considered the question "Kyzdyn tarbiesі - ult tarbiesі" (on the issues of education of girls) with the participation of Chairman of the Board of mothers Zere Kiikovoy, the debate has become more ambitious in nature.

Leaders of clubs Aigul Mamentikova (club parents "Shanyrak"), Myra Kairzhanova (club "Syrgalym") Asemgul Makhambetova (club girls and fathers' Manshuk Mametova), Nurgul Smagulova (club girls "Aiganym") talked about the education of the importance of girls and young women on the native folk traditions, succession of family values. The wide interests among the participants of the round table were the issues of interpersonal relationships between young people who come into lawful marital relationship.

Questions of moral and ethical beliefs: respect for elders, motherhood, love and care, patriotism and courage, - stressed the speaker, should be the basis of a moral young people a platform.

The meeting confirmed that it is very important due to the action of a number of the following specific reasons: first of all, today there is an active attack the cult of violence in social networks and the Internet leveling of traditional values, or else their shift in alien traditions. Also marginalization is increasing (the loss of former social connections with incomplete assimilation of cultural, ethical values of the new social environment. This is the process of human degradation, the loss of their former status, becoming a social phenomenon, is not typical of a civilized society), some of the young people who are in search of values and life goals rush from one extreme to another. Among individual young people there is a weakening of patriotic feelings, rise as consumers.

Thus, the problem of socio-economic adaptation of young people at this stage acquires a special character.

At the conclusion of the round table participants took part in the presentation of the museum pedagogical dynasties at Kokshetau city center of educational work "Aulet."

A proposal of the "Shanyrak" club chairman at the kindergarten "Nұray" Aigul Mamentikovoy about the opening in schools of the city of Kokshetau Councils of fathers was adopted.

Honorary Worker of Education of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the mothers of Akmola Kazakhstan People's Assembly Zere Kiikova has proposed the opening of the college on the basis of Kokshetau "Arna" similar to the father’s Council, which was adopted unanimously.

The first deputy chairman of the regional branch of the party "Nur Otan" Galym Bekmagambetov thanked all the participants and handed to representatives of family dynasties thank-you letters.

The meeting of the Council was attended by Deputy Head of Kokshetau city department of education Jania Dondagulova.

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