The first series of events for the workforce under the name "Forum" Askak Astana was held at the Central Stadium in Taraz by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Zhambyl region. The participants and heroes were employees of LLP "Zhambylhimstroy Engineering".

For the older generation of Zhambyl Trust called "Dzhambulhimstroy" means a lot. Workers and specialists built giant phosphate industry in Kazakhstan: Dzhambul phosphorus (PO "Khimprom") and Novodzhambul phosphorus plants, dozens of industrial and socio - cultural sites of the region. No matter how much it has changed over the years, the name of one of the largest construction companies on the south of the country, has preserved highly qualified builders, installers, and other professionals. Reliable work quality was undertaken in the loyalty of people to their profession, passed on from generation to generation.

The working day was coming to an end. At the request of the organizers of the meeting builders working at the stadium after the cut off were invited to the podium. The hero of the occasion warmly welcomed the Acting Head of the Kazan State University Larisa Lisova: "The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan promotes the ideas of the head of the state Nursultan Nazarbayev" Social modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty Steps to the Universal Society of Labor ". Today we honor your team, known by labor dynasties, contributing to the preservation of the continuity of generations, support the family inheritance of working professions, the education of the younger generation respect for creative labor. We have come to express you our respect, admiration and gratitude."

140 years is the general seniority dynasty of builder Fiyaz Pliev, and personal experience of the head of the dynasty, now the director of "Kerege" is 52 years. Shoulder to shoulder for 24 years works his son Ramiz, chief mechanic. Nearby is a welder Yerman with 25 years of experience, 19 years of construction experience passed to his nephew, master Radihan. The younger generation of the dynasty is represented by grandchildren: master Ruslan and accountant Urzyat. Six people make up the labor dynasty of senior superintendent Baqir Yusupov, famous welders, carpenters and concrete workers in "Zhambylhimstroy Engineering" - 128 years.

Songs and dances welcomed the leaders of labor dynasties and production artists of ethno-cultural associations. L. Lysova and ANC members of the Regional Assembly of the Council of public consent, deputy regional of maslikhat, director of "Zhambylhimstroy Engineering" Yuri Minakov presented flowers and gifts from the regional assembly of the People Kazakhstan.

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