IInd Festival of folk games

July 23, 2016 at the "Zhastar" Palace took place and already became traditional, II folk games festival dedicated to 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The event was, held in the framework of the national Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan "big country - big family", organized by the Metropolitan Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsіm", akimat of Astana took part in the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Astana, representatives of government agencies, ethno-cultural associations, domestic clubs, students and the media.

The purpose of the event is a search and improvement of forms and methods on work with ethnic and cultural associations; revival and preservation of original cultural heritage of ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan; strengthening of inter-ethnic relations; spiritual and moral education of the young generation.

According to the organizers, the event was conducted to strengthen the spirit of national unity as a unifying and reinforcing beginning, based on tradition and patriotism and aimed to the modernization of Kazakhstan's society, as well as contributes to the popularization of folk games as one of the signs of a healthy lifestyle.

Participants of games were children and youth of ethnocultural associations of Astana and yard clubs. Altogether 10 mixed teams were formed: 6 teams of the senior age category (born in 2000-2003) and 4 teams of younger age group (2004-2009), alltogether 66 children took part in the games.

Teams competed in Kazakh national games and competitions (Asyka ho, Arқan tartys) and games of other ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan: Tatar national game "Koyante - chilek belen yogery" (running with a yoke), Bashkir - "Yomortkany kalakka halyp yugerey "(running with an egg in a spoon), Belarus - planting potatoes, Tajik "Aspakbozi"(Playing horses).

In the course of the Festival all participants and guests of the event presented the capital's creative collectives of ethnocultural associations. Each participant of the was awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.


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