August 5, 2016, the House of Friendship in the framework of mediation day organised a series of events, including forum on the theme: "Development of Mediation Institute". Was held a framework of the republican campaign: " Mediation Open Day" - with citizens.

The forum was attended by Deputy Akim of West Kazakhstan region - Tokzhanov Marat Lukpanovich, chairman of the West Kazakhstan regional court - Ametov Beck Ametovich, professional and non-professional mediators, retired judges, members of boards of public consent

Were conducted presentations about the judicial board on civil cases of the regional administrative court by Erlan Idir, the Head of the West Kazakhstan region Assembly secretariat - Gaisa Capac, professional mediator institution for mediators "Tatulas" - Darkhan Khabiev and others.

As a part of the Open Day were organized free consultations for visitors, leaflets distributed to the public, showing the location and phone number of trust mediation offices; and blitz polls among the population.

It should be noted that mediation as a method of alternative dispute resolution, is relatively new institution in Kazakhstan (the Law "On Mediation" was adopted on 28 January 2011 and entered into force on 5 August 2011). As part of the task to ensure the coordination of the development of mediation on June 30, 2016, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a memorandum on the development of mediation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. "Mediation is among one of the main directions of activity of Kazakhstan People's Assembly".

The purpose of the memorandum is to implement joint actions for the comprehensive development and successful introduction of the institute of pre-trial settlement of disputes, including mediation institute that can help reduce the level of conflicts in society. According to the instructions for the current year in the House of Friendship municipal public institution "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" West Kazakhstan region mediation offices has been opened. The purpose of the office is to use mediation procedures in the practice of solving problems in the sphere of social and ethnic relations. The office established a hotline telephone: 24-42-32. The office will be equipped with necessary technical meanses, methodical literature and information material, where anyone can get the necessary information on the matter. It should be noted that the work of the office of mediation aimed to the formation of a database of potential mediators among former members of the judiciary. In this direction we will also continue to work on the formation of a pool of mediators from former employees of courts, prosecutors, members of the public consent to use their expertise and authority in mediation work. In order to improve regulatory framework and public information, memorandum of cooperation with all law enforcement agencies will enter into force. The work on the opening of the offices of mediation on the basis of social consensus advice will be conducted in all areas and rural districts. Activities of  mediation office, will trend in the right direction resolving disputes that arise between people. In this connection, for greater awareness is necessary to lead an active presentation and advocacy, to establish communication with the district centers of mediation, to exchange experience with the regional centers of mediation, to develop new directions in a mediation activities, to raise the level of legal culture permits, legal literacy debate, the awareness and liability of population. It should be noted that situations involving mediators solution was activated and has certain results.

For example, according to the regional court 124 criminal and 600 civil cases were completed with the assistance of mediators and the conclusion of mediation agreements, as well as 250 cases involving professional mediators center lies in the pretrial order. For the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan - this topic is not new, but this professional platform will enable joint work of scientists and practitioners seek additional unifying factors contributing to the resolution of problems and disputes by civilized mechanisms. In the framework of the republican campaign "Day of Mediation" the population of Uralsk conducted a quiz covering 150 respondents, on the question of mediation 43% of respondents said they did not know anything about mediation, and only 7% knew. About 50% of respondents are aware of the professional and non-professional mediators, and 5% did not know about the mediators. Public interest in peaceful settlement in the conflict amounted 57% and can be considered 19% of respondents and 11% are not interested. Finally, information on mediation and mediators are willing to receive 53%, while 11% did not wish to know anything about mediation and mediators. In addition, most of the respondents – 34% wished to receive information in person, 21% through social networks, 17% through the workshops and other events, and only 1% of respondents consider the source of information media.

At the conclusion of the event the best professional mediators were awarded with the letters of appreciation, such as:

1. Khabiev Darkhan Talgatovich, a professional mediator from Mediation Center "Tatulas"

2. Kustavletov Hamidolla Muhitovich - deputy chief of the Justice Department, of West Kazakhstan

3. Kulmagambetova Katira Nurlanbekovna - a professional mediator, director of the NGO "Centre for Development of Mediation" representating Wwst Kazakhstan.

In the framework of the republican campaign "Day of Mediation" in West Kazakhstan region was held an open day in the House of Friendship, JSC "BatysSUArnasy" areas of the region and akimats of rural districts. In total there are​​ 146 working office on mediation, 228 mediators, including 39 professional.

The House of Assembly has also worked in the public reception office with the ANC. It was visited by 8 people, 4 worked with mediator, the number of consultations provided was 6

Press service of KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" WKO Akim

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