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Historical reference. The theater was founded in 1932 in Vladivostok in 1937, it was transferred to Kazakhstan (Ushtobe, Kyzylorda), and since 1968 works in Almaty. In December 2003, the theater moved to its own building (former cinema "Zhalyn"). Korean theater - the first ethnic Korean theater in the world and the only Korean public theater, working outside the Korean Peninsula.

Theatre director Ni Lubov Avgustovna

The aim - staging productions based on original Korean pieces.

Main activities: theater repertoire includes performances based on the works of Korean, Kazakh and foreign authors. In the formulation of these performances have made a great contribution to the actors Kim Din, Lee Gir Su, Lee Kham Deck, Pak Chon Seb, Tsoi Bon Do, B.E.Kim, R.I.Kim, directors and theater artists Yen Sen Nen, Men Don Uk, Te Den Gu, A.A.Pashkov, I.Kim, O.S.Li and others. "Arirang" and "Samulnori" ensembles are working as part of the singular professional Korean theater  in the CIS. Their bright dance and vocal-instrumental art successfully represented in many cities of Kazakhstan, Central Asia, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea. For 80 years the theater has been presented more than 250 performances and concerts, which are viewed more than 5 million. The repertoire consists from national and modern Korean performances, and performances of Kazakh and foreign playwrights. All performances are in Korean language with simultaneous translation into Russian. In the theater focused professional force, representing all genres of Korean art: drama troupe, folklore-ethnographic group "Samulnori" ballet of traditional Korean dance and soloists. Developing in line with a single ethno-cultural policy of Kazakhstan, the Korean Theatre keeps the ethnic flavor, identity and language, enriching the culture of Koreans living in a multiethnic environment.

Contacts: Almaty, 70/1, Papanin street corner Yaroslavl street Phones: +7 (727) 384 82 78 (76) 7 701 309 07 87 E-mail: Website: http: //


State Republican Uighur Musical Comedy Theatre named after K.KUZHAMYAROVA

Historical reference. Uyghur music and drama theater established in September 1934 in Alma-Ata.

The aim - active participation in the formation of self-awareness, educating the audience in the spirit of the time requirements. Cultural and educational work, acquaintance of spectators with the best works of national and world classics;Identification of public interest, morally aesthetic problems with any dramatic material.

Director Sonurov Savutzhan Sidikovich

In this theater performances argues good citizenship carries mass audience the ideas of humanism, love for man. Over the years, the theater has increased Uigur remarkable pleiad of masters of the stage. National artist of Kazakhstan - A.Shamiev, S.Sattarova, M.Semyatova, M.Bakiev, R.Ilahunova, Z.Akbarova, N.Mametova, K.Abdrasulov, M.Ahmadiev, honored artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Zh.Asimov, G.Dzhalilov, H.Ilieva, M.Zaynaudinov, A.Supiev, R.Tohtanova, A.Akbarov, T.Bahtybaev, S.Israilov, M.Rahmanova, K.Zakirov, G.Saitova, R. Sattarova, R.Mahpirova, M.Mametbakiev, A.Akbarov, Honored personalities  of the Republic of Kazakhstan P. Ibragimov, I.Masimov, Akhmad Kadyrov, honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan - A.Aysaev. In close contact with theater work National artist of the USSR, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, composer K.Kuzhamyarov, National artist of Kazakhstan G.Dugashev composers I.Masimov, N.Kibirov, I.Isaev, Sh.Shaymardanova and others. Uzbek musical and dramatic directors, A. Ibragimov, V.Azimov, Kazakh filmmakers -A.Ismailov, A.Mambetov, B.Omarov, K.Dzhetpisbaev, Armenian S.Bashoyan, artists Tamarahanum K .Bayseitova, H.Nasirova, composers - D.Matsutsin, A.Polevanov, B.Erzakovich Ivanov-Sokolsky and others promoted the creative development of Uyghur theater at the dawn of the formation. The theater at early stage of its formation more strongly perceived the experience of developed theatrical culture Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Tatar peoples not only by inviting professional directors, artists and composers, but mainly through the repertoire. It should be noted that in the repertoire is always a great place was given to the works of Kazakh drama. This tradition originated in the late 1930's, when a young playwright G.Musrepov brought his theater play "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu". Staging the play opened road works to M.Auezov, S.Mukanov, A.Tazhibaeva, Sh.Husainova, K.Shangitbaeva and many others. Poet and playwright Iran Gayyp with Uighur writer-playwright S. Shavaeva wrote the historical drama "Kashgaria." In 1984, the year of the 50th anniversary of the creative advances achieved in the development of multi-ethnic theater arts of Kazakhstan,the theater was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor". In 2003, on the eve of the anniversary of M. Utemisov, perfomance of "Makhambet" at the theater became an outstanding event in the theatrical life of the republic. In the XI Republican Theater Festival (Uralsk), the theater was awarded several nominations - theater artist Payzi- Rahman Ibragimov - "for the best scenography", the young actress Amina Usenov - "Best Actress". In 2005, the year of the 70th anniversary of the theater was honored to be named the outstanding compositor – National artist of USSR, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, professor K.Kuzhamyarova, whose work has become an integral part of the musical art of Kazakhstan. In 2006, the drama troupe has participated in several major international festival "Art-Ordo" (Bishkek), in international festivals in Germany, Central Asia, China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. 2014 was a jubilee - 80 years old theater. It produced several premiere of a historical nature "Idikut" A.Ashirova, Abdrasulova /prod.Ya.Shamiev/ and "Amannisahan" M.Abdrahmanova, M.Izimova /prod.M.Izimov/. The folklore ensemble "Nava" finalized Muqam "Chapbayat." This is multifaceted and very complex vocal-dance work. Updated repertoire of "Rukhsara."

Contacts: Almaty, 83, Nauryzbai Batyr str. Phone: +7 (727) 272-59-33 E-mail: Website:



Historical reference. Republican German Drama Theatre was established February 6, 1975 in Temirtau.

The main aim and objectives of the group was engaged in the development and preservation of the cultural heritage of Germans in Kazakhstan. 1990s - a time of rebirth of the German theater in newly independent Kazakhstan, update troupe graduates of the German Theatre Academy. Troupe became a kind of a leader of the movement "Revival". The most important and the main activity was the size of the theater of the first period, based on the mobile activity by region, inhabited by Germans. The theater was a "mirror of the soul and mind" of his people. The titles of plays and performances talking about what the Germans wanted to tell. There were writers and dramatists of the time, and that made the theater a strong and relevant. Here are the names of some authors and titles of the performances of the first period "First" A. Raymgen "Echoes of those years" K. Ehrlich, "We do not dust in the wind" G. Arngolda, "People and destiny" B. Heinz. Actors joined a Russian school "games gut" and Brecht's "civic position". In 1980 - 1990 years the troupe included 52 German-speaking actor. During this period, it was performed about 40 performances of the works of the great classics, such as G. Lessing, Gorky, Ostrovsky, A. Pokrovsky, Goldoni, Shukshin, Arbuzov, E. Scribe, I. Schiller, A. Gel Mann, F. Dürrenmatt, Brecht, B. Borhed, Nikolai Gogol, Yuri Makarov, J. Havlasek, Y. Gross, H. Kleist, A. Ostrovsky, A. Vampilov P . Ibrahimbeyov, E.Shvarts, H. Kala, P. Enzikat, G. Schulze, H. Chehov- sky, J. and W. Grimm. And the audience was presented works of Russian Germans - of writers and dramatists - Raymgena A., A. Debol'skii, Karl Schiffner, K. Ehrlich, A. Sachs, I. Langemana G. Belger, P. Varkentin, B. Heinz. In 1989 theater transferred to Alma-Ata. In 1991, with the help of the German government opened the German Theatre Academy on the basis of the Kazakh State Institute of Theatre and Cinema named after T.Zhurgenov. In 1994, the Academy has released two actor's groups that have joined the new flow in the German Theater. These were young people who have lived in another country, in other cultural and social conditions. Theatre breathed a breath of new, modern air. The theater is the only experimental theater of the country, plays in German and having the repertoire of G. Bell, Brecht, Schiller, Auezov, Moliere, S. Mrozek, E. Schwartz, Chekhov, IA Goethe, A. Jarry, T. Williams, D. Joyce, Shakespeare, G. Buchner, R. Shimpelpfeninga. Theather visited the major festivals and tours in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic, Russia, where a worthy representative of the Kazakh theater. Openness and sociability of theater allowed it to successfully cooperate with various cultural institutions both in Kazakhstan and in Europe. At the moment, the Republican German Drama Theatre is looking for new approaches to the implementation of the main tasks of the theater - the preservation of the cultural traditions of the German people and exit to a new level through the establishment of contacts with the contemporary theatrical community.

Theatre director Chairman of the Association of public associations of Germans in Kazakhstan "Revival" Alexander Dederer

Contacts: Almaty, 64 D, Satpayev str. Phones: +7 (727) 392-01-18, 392-02-33 E-mail:, Website:


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