According to Bisengali Karabaev, a couple living in Burlin district celebrated the first-born Ayzere, whom they were waiting for 9 years. This family has found happiness through the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan cooperation of the West Kazakhstan region and "Cheyl" Medical Clinic (South Korea).

One year ago, the region was visited by the Korean vice president of the infertility clinic - Tkhe Geng Kim. (Cheil General Hospital & Womens Healthcare Center) – a specialized center for practicing the treatment of reproductive health of women, in which around the world is being treated more than 3,000 women. During the visit was signed a memorandum on mutual cooperation. The birth of Ayzere was the result of this cooperation, the mother was treated by the South Korean quota and took care of all the expenses.

Korean leader of IVF, Kazakhstan People's Assembly member, deputy of regional maslikhat Maxim Pak says it is "the first swallow" in Cooperation of Clinic "Cheyl" with the ANC of West Kazakhstan. Currently, another couple is waiting for a baby, and one more couple went to the survey. According to Maxim Pak it is a sign of gratitude to the Kazakh people from the Korean people. "In the difficult thirties Koreans have found refuge in the fertile and hospitable land of Kazakhstan and now are ready to do everything possible for the sake of the country where he was born. It is a consonant with a patriotic act "Mangilik" - says Maxim Pak.

It should be noted that the Korean Assembly pays great attention to charity, its leader Maxim Park is a well-known philanthropist in the region.

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