A meeting with representatives of the financial sector

The volunteers of the youth organization "Jas kanat" of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Mangistau region continue to work actively to promote the activities of the organization. On the initiative of youth, a meeting with financial professionals was organized. The House of Friendship experts visited Aktau JSC "Bank Astana" branch.

Unaeva Zhetkinshekovna, the bank's credit manager, spoke on the banking sector topic, share tips how to become a professional financist with the services of "Bank of Astana".

"Everyone must be professional in his own field, in this case, each of us can achieve great heights," - said young sales manager Kunabaev Abdul Kinisovich.

Young people who specialize in this area, ask questions and get a lot of useful tips from professional colleagues, similar meetings will be held throughout the year. At each meeting, the representatives of the youth organizations will be able to meet professionals from different fields of activity. Thus, the future generation of young professionals will have the right motivation to advance in career, which is important for the prosperity of the country.

In the end, the youth thanked invited guests for their valuable advice, were presented caps, T-shirts with the logo of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, visited the Museum of ethno-cultural association.

Press service of KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" AA, MO

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