A Sacred Holiday “Kurban Ait”

On September 12 all Muslims of the world has been celebrating their sacred holiday Kurban Eid. This holiday marks the end of Hajj, is celebrated 70 days after the feast of Eid al-Ait.

It is the festival of sacrifice, and it has an important feature - a person who can afford to buy a sheep should give a part of it to the needy.

This day, guests should not come empty-handed, so the House of Friendship – the Center of Public Consent, prepared food baskets with the bare essentials for low-income families, war veterans, the disabled.

Food baskets have been handed over to each family with the warmest regards and best wishes of well-being, because even a touch of attention and care for these people gives them the confidence that they are remembered and taken care of, not left alone in difficult situations.

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