What is the mediation, and what is the difference between non-professional mediators and a professional?

Mobile group of judges of the regional court Saken Tlegenova, Ramazan Khasenov, a representative of the Bar Alexander Egorov, Chairman of the "Public Association Center for Mediation and Law" Commonwealth "Galina Pehotina, the head of KSU "Kogamdyk Kelesim" Eskozha Asemgul as well as the chairman of the Kazakh cultural and educational center "Urpaq" Gulbahshi Musabaeva came to answer all questions of Akkayin District inhabitants.

The moderator of the meeting was acting Chairman of Akkayin District Court Nurlan Nuralin.

The meeting began with the awarding of Nurlan Kayyrbekovich with letter of thanks from the regional akim Erik Sultanov.

Currently, mediation is a topical solution of pre-trial proceedings. In Akkayin District has opened the current mediation offices. For example, the first 8 months of the considered processes 13.3% resulted in an amicable agreement. And of these, 24 criminal cases have been resolved by way of mediation.

In general, land disputes, the family problems, domestic nature questions are resolved by way of mediation.

Participants of the meeting - the asset of Akkayin District: lawyers, workers of akimat, and prosecutors. All guests have listened attentively and asked questions.

The guests thanked the participants for the meeting and agreed on further cooperation.

Press service of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim»

SI "Apparatus of akim of North Kazakhstan region"

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