Today, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan region, the head of the secretariat of the Regional Assembly M.Kalmuratov visited the construction of the monument "Kazakh elіne myn algys!" In Shymkent.

Ethno-cultural associations of the region, continuing the tradition of strengthening the cohesion of the people of Kazakhstan and formation of a single nation, on the 25th anniversary of Independence of the country have initiated the construction of the monument.

"In fact this architectural monument is not only a symbol of gratitude to the Kazakh people, but also a shining example of unity and solidarity of south Kazakhstan in the formation of Kazakhstan identity in the Great Steppe countries - "El Mangilik", said the chairman of the Georgian regional ethnocultural association Z.Bochoroshvili.

The height of the architectural monument will be decorateed with Shanyrak as the solar disk with beams and arched base, which represents our homeland, warmth of the hearth, which we raising hands to the blue sky. The stella will be decorated with elements of kerege, symbolizing the unity of society in the consolidation of our statehood. The base of the monument is an arc-shaped pedestal made in the shape of a horseshoe, a symbol of success in the future. The front side of the pedestal will be decorated with a barelef labeled "Tagdyr telkegіmen Kazakh zherіne konystangan barlyk etnostar atynan Kazakh ELІNE MYN ALGYS!".

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