The power of women to create a peaceful society, says the chairperson of the Mothers Board Kulyumkoz Smailova. You should begin with their children. In addition, she advises to educate them tolerant, friendly. To remember young mothers global mission in the approval of the world, she presented to them white handkerchiefs.

Kulyumkoz Smailova, Chairman of the Board of the mothers at the Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan:

- Ak oramal - a white handkerchief. As we know, all the peoples associates white color with purity of thoughts and intentions. When the warring parties were at war, the mother could remove the white handkerchief and throw between the warring parties, and then the conflict ceased. This means that the mother has a big role in a life.

Handkerchiefs with parting words from Mothers Council received 8 moms from the regional perinatal center. Among them, Svetlana Sokolova from Esil district.

Svetlana Sokolova, a resident of the village of Pokrovka, Esil district:

- I've got a girl. I called her Ariana. Her height is 54 cm and weight is 3,306 kg. We will educate our daughter of course, with respect for elders, kind and responsible.

The action continued near the Mother monument. The members of the Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan presented grateful letters to obstetricians of Perinatal Center, and organized a concert. In August, this event will take place across the country. Its purpose - to show support for the President's manifesto "Peace. 21 century".

Nail Salimov, head of the secretariat of the Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan:

- Council of mothers and Kazakhstan People's Assembly support our President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who spoke at the summit in Washington opposed to accumulating nuclear weapons in the world. Our President said that in the 21st century our world needs peace.

At the end of the action, Mothers board members attached a white handkerchief as a symbol of peace, to balloons and released them into the sky with the wishes of unity and harmony in society.

The press service of KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" 

Northern Kazakhstan region akimat executive office

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