"Ak ORAMAL" in West Kazakhstan region

Republican campaign "Ak oramal" was launched at the same time in all regions of Kazakhstan. In Uralsk, in the framework of the event took place women procession and a ceremony at the Victory Square.

Republican campaign "Ak oramal" is held in support of the President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev Manifest "Peace. XXI Century "in the framework of the 25th anniversary of independence under the aegis of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. In Uralsk event began with a women parade, the mothers-heroines, business women, public figures, whose heads were covered with white scarves in solidarity with the President Manifest and support the idea of ​​Peace.

Regional Akim deputy Marat Tokzhanov congratulated the participants on the Victory Square, recalling ancient philosophical meaning of white scarf in the history of Kazakhs, noting that the Manifest "Peace. XXI Century" aims to consolidate the society, regardless of social, ethnic and religious affiliation, not only in Kazakhstan but also worldwide.

Chairman of the Public Association "Arba" Gulmira Batpakulova thanked the APK for the support of people with disabilities, marking that the wheelchair users have joined together to support each other and work together to solve the problems facing people with disabilities. To date, there are 200 members of the NGO "Arba". Gulmira Batpakulova reminded th President's words that a woman, the mother, is always able to pick up any business, starting with the home and ending with public affairs.

Actress of the A. Ostrovsky Regional Drama Theater – Svetlana Romanova called war and terrorism the virus of our time, which is becoming stronger, poisoning humanity.

- Previously, we faced individual acts of terrorism in some countries, but now it is a large-scale terrorist aggression worldwide. All sensible people, and more, we - women do not have to put up with it! We must not let terrorism become a commonplace. We support the Manifest "Peace. XXI Century ", announced by the head of the state, said Svetlana Romanova.

Full support to the "Ak oramal" campaign expressed the poet and public figure Akushtap Baktygereeva. It is in the course of the meeting to congratulate two pairs of newlyweds, presenting traditional white scarves for two young brides, giving them a mandate to preserve peace in the family and to bring up their children in the spirit of traditional human values.

The event continued with the performances of creative groups, and then in a bright blue, peaceful sky were soared white doves and balloons as a sign of a goodwill of women who want to live in peace.

Galina Samoilova

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