AK ORAMAL - Peace of mind

In order to ensure the promotion of the Manifesto "Peace. XXI Century ", voiced by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev at the IV Summit on Nuclear Security in Washington, DC, on the initiative of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Zhetysu region a campaign "Ak oramal" has started.

Ak oramal - translated as "white scarf" has a deep philosophical meaning in the history of the Kazakhstan.

White is a symbol of purity - purity of thought, purity of soul;

it is a symbol of honor - honesty, loyalty, word of chastity.

In the core of a campaign "Ak oramal" is an ancient custom of reconciliation (peace enforcement): when a woman exposes her head, and throws her scarf between the conflicting parties, the parties must stop the conflict.

The purpose of the campaign - consolidation of all citizens, regardless of their ethnic origin, social, religious or other affiliation by their participation in the action «Ak oramal" for the desire of peace.

August 15, an event in support of Republican action «Ak oramal", organized by the Council of the mothers of Taldykorgan on the initiative of the "House of Friendship - public consent Center" took place in a summer camp of orphanage "Aynalayyn" in Eskeldi District, in the Kokzhazyk village.

The action was attended by Council of Mothers members, members of the "House of Friendship - public consent Center", members of ethnic and cultural centers, teachers and students of the orphanage.

Chairwoman of "Council of Mothers" of the city of Taldykorgan, Gulmira Izatova, opened the campaign. She introduced all the participants with the purpose and objectives of the campaign and spoke about the historical significance of the white handkerchief.

Later, representatives of the House of friendship of the Kazakh, Russian, Chechen-Ingush and Tatar centers performed songs "Kestelі oramal" by Camille Omarbekova, "Orenburg shawl" by Julia Spirchenko, "The most beautiful" by Aslanbekova Zulikhan.

The students of “Aynalayyn” Orphanage also prepared a concert program. They danced and sang songs about mother and world, The atmosphere of love and kindness, happiness and joy fulfilled the whole camp.

In the village of Sary-Ozek Kerbulak district, in the house of Culture named after A. Sarybaev a campaign "Ak oramal" took place on 16 August.

The event started with a greeting speech of Akim B. Aliyev. Moreover, the District Chairman of the Council of Mothers, G.Akbasova, also has made a presentation. In her speech, she has noted the importance of this event and said that for the Kazakhs a female white scarf has always been a symbol of peace.

Caregivers of “Baldyrgan” kindergarten prepared a theatrical performance" Kielі ak oramal" and performed a fashion show, presenting different ways of tying a scarf.

Thereafter old women solemnly presented with a blessing their white scarfs for their young daughters in law.

During the event a little concert with the participation of the honored artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan: composer and singer Marat Ilyasov, famous singers of the district M. Alzhapparova, O. Turysbekova, G. Omirbaeva, A.Zhumabaeva, A. Umbetova, L.Kusayynova has taken place.

The campaign «Ak oramal" will continue until the end of August. During this time, within the framework of the campaign, it is planned to bring flowers to the monuments to war heroes, and victims of political repression and hunger.

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