September 7, 2016 municipal public institution "Kogamdyk kelіsіm", Atyrau regional akimat held an information seminar on the topic: "Organization of the work of non-professional mediators."

The event was attended by leaders of ethnic and cultural associations, representatives of the regional akimat, a member of the public consent, the Mothers Council, scientific and expert group of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Atyrau region, the staff of municipal and state institutions "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" and representatives of the media.

During the workshop professional mediators spoke on "Organization of work of non-professional mediators"- N.I.Tulegenova; A.V.Kurtaeva on "Practices of non-professional mediators in various spheres mediation application" and the judge of Atyrau city court №2 Z.Kazakbay on "Interaction of non-professional mediators within the judicial authorities" in their reports to reveal the contents of mediation, was given the concept of professional and non-professional mediators. In the ensuing exchange of views answers to the following questions were given:

- The role of the non-professional mediators.

- What are their powers, a range of issues they consider.

- How to settle the dispute (conflict) by non-professional mediators and necessary documentation in these cases? In particular, whether non-professional mediators shall be entitled to make an agreement on the provision of mediation and a mediation agreement.

Non-professional mediators must know the basic laws (primarily civil law, labor law, family and marriage law) and psychology. Therefore, the question of training of non-professional mediators will remain relevant.

Participants of the seminar wished to participate in such seminars regularly.

After the report mediators A.Kurtaeva and N.Tulegenova were invited to a live broadcast on regional TV.

Press service of the KSE, "Kogamdyk kelіsіm",

Akim apparatus of Atyrau region

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